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  1. OK, so I'm sad because to run BTSync at my work (WXP), I need the "Proxy" functionality... Also I want to use approvals for security !
  2. Thanks ! But bad new, the trick does not work on my computer (WXP)! (The registry was already OK: The home page remains blank in BTSync. (
  3. Good news ! But, how to make these changes in the registry on Windows XP? (HKCR\\.css does not exist) Thanks
  4. +1 If Windows XP is not supported (because upgrading to IE>8 is not possible), why does the installer not check for this ?
  5. OK, Thanks. After testing this version (1.3.109), it does not support Proxy nor Approbations. This is a problem! No solution to use Proxy and Approbations on Windows XP ?
  6. Same problem for me ! Windows XP (IE 8). Sorry, it's the PC of my work, I can't upgrade ! I need to use the new feature of BTSync 1.4.xx called "Approbations". Please, can you fix this bug ? Thanks
  7. Hi, How to use "Encryption Secret" (from the BitTorrent Sync API) on a QNAP NAS (TS-870) ? Purpose: using "encryption secret" with BitTorrent Sync on my QNAP to encrypt data on the receiver’s side. (Otherwise, all other solutions to encrypt files on the receiver's side is welcome). Thank you.