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  1. Built in file explorer integrated to "open with" file management, will probably help to solve partially autosync problems in android, cause it forces app to wake up and start syncing, usefull for mail attachment saving like: document, pdf, xls files, to start syncing folders between devices, like android phone and pc or mac My thoughts
  2. Hi. I have found a temp solution to keep sync on background in my andorid device. Uncheck autosleep optionUncheck Battery saver optionUncheck show notification icon Restart. If app is opened, and then closed, autosync stops, have to restart device again, keeping app closed, autosync will work all the time It works for me
  3. Hi The ticket number is (#8213) is not for iPhone, is for android Nexus 5 Thanks
  4. Same here autosync never works in android kitkat, nexus 5
  5. Hi. I have issues with android app, auto sync never works, i have to open the app every time i want to upload/download files to sync, no matter what kind configuration, i have set in the app, background sync in android is actually pointless. Thanks in advance