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  1. I would like the ability to flip the exclude function on it head! What I means - Would it be possible to make all files/folders in a given location to be all excluded. Using the same way with a *, but then have a include list instead. This way I could script something external to include a file/folder when I choose.
  2. Solved it with help from the QNAP forums.. There is a cpu alignment on arm platforms issue. Ran: echo 2 > /proc/cpu/alignment then restarted the app Happy Dayz..
  3. Update: Got passed the make.sh issue now, however still getting the "Web Page Not Available" error.
  4. I'm new to this, but I've followed all the instruction to install this app on my TS-412. 1) I've tried to install the app from the Store, however once I enter the account details I get the error "Web Page Not Available", So I've un-installed and removed the BitTorrentSync folder from the .qpkg folder. 2) I've tried to follow the instructions on this site to do it manually, however when I try to run the ./make.sh I get the error "qbuild is required......" The saw this on the forum and tried the symlink but I then get an error of "ln: /bin/bash: File Exists" 3) Now tried to download t