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  1. Ok, so we think differently. Let me try to understand the jargon. Basically, I don't need to use Resilio's relay and tracker. To provide those two functionalities I can put a Sync server out onto EC2 with public facing IP and all my other peers can use that EC2 server as the predefined host, correct?
  2. Hey Alex, I don't really understand your 2 answers: First you said predefined hosts can't act as relays and/or trackers. Then you say the opposite, that predefined hosts will be my trackers and relay when I set them up on a public facing EC2. Could you please elaborate on your short answer so the two answers won't contradict each other? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have tried to get as much information out of the public help articles on the predefined hosts but they are close to useless. The whole concept of predefined hosts are speculative at best for the end user. Below are my questions I would like to get answered and be available for other users to learn. Do the predefined hosts act as relays and/or trackers? If they can act as relays/trackers, do they have to have the files themselves or they would only need to have the list? i.e. can they be set up with individual sync and never host files themselves? I am not intere
  4. Hello, I am using the current v2.1.1 on the Windows machine and also the current 2.0.107 on HTC One M8 and a Nexus 9. These devices are using the same LAN. Windows client has LAN broadcast enabled. Problem: The two android devices are not seeing each other. They see only the Windows machine. Questions: How can they be made to see each other so they can REALLY use the mesh topology that Sync promises to be using?Is this something only the PRO version has? (using free now) Thanks for any help!