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  1. Ok .. this is somewhat encouraging .. however, how do I get a key out of my Android "backup Folder" program .. all it allows me to send is links .. Email/Copy/QR .. no keys.
  2. I did the same thing as well, along with my boss and others .. now it's a timebomb. What happened to sync keys? Can't I just share a key anymore? What's with this link that doesn't do anything except tell me to wait. I used 1.3 quite well for about a year .. now I have no idea what's going on and I avoid all updates and changes .. I expect that one of these days I'm going to end up ripping out all the work and find another solution .. but right now, 1.3 is in place..fingers crossed. Between 1.3 and 1.4 it's not even the same product as far as I'm concerned. I'd prefer there b
  3. This "official" solution is all well and good .. HOWEVER, how do I get a view of the currently deployed internal database so that I can grab all the secrets and sync folders from it? It's a bit difficult to rebuild the sync when it's deployed to a bunch of disparate users. Right now, I'm relegated to running blind and having no web-gui access .. which also means I can't make any changes or additions, but at least it's running .. I'm secretly hoping for a non-disruptive solution or workaround. I can't fathom deleting my internal DB and then re-distributing (and in many cases manually for th
  4. @rollhax can you elaborate a bit more on your workaround which seems to NOT include deleting the entire DB?? I too just upgraded to 1.4.75-5 on linux (syno nas) .. i keep getting the "new user" box. My config DOES have user/pass within. No matter what I enter, I am stuck with LOADING in center and no shares, however, I can see that syncing IS occurring. I just don't have a webgui view. Thanks
  5. +1 ... bump .. all my shares missing from gui .. Linux Synology NAS 1.4.75-5
  6. I have a RO secret to my logs .. just wondering how secure it is to post logs publicly. Is there a way to email the secret to you?
  7. Actually .. it's not that the mac wants to SEND data .. from the mac's POV, it's all done and sitting idle .. moreso, its the fact that ALL peers seem to think that mac still NEEDS the data. It is true of ALL windows peers and synology linux peer. They all believe (at least report in display) that the mac still NEEDS the data. They aren't trying to send the mac the data and nor is the mac actually requesting the data..I attachd below a quickie shot of the synology screen for that mac .. meanwhile the screenshot above of the mac being all sync'd up is still valid and reflects current state. The
  8. I have a small swarm with mainly windows machines running btsync 1.3.8+, a synology NAS and a single Mac OSX 1.9.2 running btsync 1.3.94. Perhaps it's a display bug in the devices tab on all windows machines (and linux webgui) but Mac always shows that it needs the entire sync load when in reality it has fully sync'd. It never reports that the sync is complete. All other machines and versions display properly in devices tab. The mac behaves properly in and of itself, just reports/displays incorrectly on all peers. Anyone else with this problem? jpf