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  1. I have 3 desktops, 1 NAS, 2 mobile phones, and 2 laptops that are synced to 1 identity. I'm using this to sync a password database among other things. The password database is correct on 1 desktop, but is out of date on ALL other devices. How can I fix that? I am using Sync Pro.
  2. Is there a procedure for this, and is it possible to do this, without loosing all of the configuration data that exist in the services install?
  3. It would be great if the mobile apps could give you the status of all the connect devices. Mainly how much they have synced and any possible estimated time to completion BTSync is reporting. Keep up the great work! 2d
  4. BitTorrent Sync works best when it can sync to and from as many clients as possible. Your server and user setup is irrelevant in the context of how Sync works. The more seeds (computers with the correct data) the better. This means the computer out of sync is going to be synced from (potentially) two sources instead of one. (In the event only one is in sync, then this scenario will unfold after another computer is in sync, or at least blocks/chunks of data are in sync.) This is one of BT Syncs greatest strengths. 2d
  5. There are a few possible reasons you aren't seeing speeds higher than that. A few preliminary questions: -What speeds did you average when initially syncing the first 2 computers? -How many computers/device are on the current router/switch you are using, and what is the make and model of your router? The logic behind these questions is to determine the location of your bottleneck/s. If the first two saw faster speeds it rules out your router unless you have some setting affecting the IP the 3rd computer pulled from the router. If the speeds have been the same for all, than your router and or operating system could be to blame. Hard to give advice on the router, as it could be a problem with upnp settings not being active and/or needing to identify and use manual IPs throughout your connected computers. The computers being the source, could be the CPU and chipsets (in the case of Atom based hardware), or the send and receive buffers need to be increased. I see 60-90mb/s across all my LAN devices. (windows 8.1 pro devices.) 2d
  6. My guess is you could increase the amount of time between when sync looks for changes. The data being sent is probably data being transferred between the relay servers saying there is nothing new to report. There are several solutions to your situation. 1.) If it is not necessary for all of the computers to be connected 24/7 to the hotspot, power down the hotspot when not needed. Depending on your hotspot you could power it on and off remotely using WOL packets, etc. 2.) Disable relay and tracker servers. Set up a dedicated proxy for the remote computer using DNS services, etc., and enable this server when necessary. This is kind of like option one, except when the remote computer is off, nothing will be transferred. Meaning you could leave the hotspot powered on. 3.) On your router before your hotspot you can set quota amounts for specific applications and types of traffic. This way you can physically limit the amount BT traffic going out over the hotspot. You can also set schedules and specific times for it. 4.) Lastly you could as mentioned in the beginning increase the client time between checking for changes in the files. This is found under advanced, and more options. It is called folder_rescan_interval or something like that and is by default set to 600 ms. Just remember that while this will cut down on traffic it will also slow down how fast changes are perceived and how long it takes before syncing will occur. I'm sure BT's team will have some other more specific suggestions. Good luck! 2d
  7. This was pushed through the update feature in the client. Very nice. 2d
  8. rescan and refresh were at 600, and save was at 3600. I increased the first two and it seems to have worked. Odd that I don't have this problem on my other two machines, which both have default values. THanks for the response! 2d
  9. To repeat this BT sync must be in the middle of syncing. The user can put the system to sleep using any method. After a few seconds the machine will come back on from sleep. This will continue to happen until BT Sync has finished syncing. Debug logging is disabled on the machine in question. Any help preventing this behavior would be greatly appreciated. 2d
  10. I'm curious how VV, for example, would resolve the scenario you just provided. The best possible outcome is that a program could merge those two saves into one file that Scrapbook can use. This would require BT Sync to have knowledge on how Scrapbook interacts with files and how those files are formatted. In any other solution you would have to choose which of the two files you want to go with. This takes time and still leaves you without a change because you have to pick only one of the files and discard the other. It's also clunky and depending on the number of conflicts can be very time consuming. I would say based on your example, that Scrapbook is the real problem. It should be using more than one change file so as to allow increments. By only using one file, and not providing any kind of cloud back end, how would any changes get merged with the one file unless Scrapbook is doing the merging itself? 2d
  11. If your music files are being synced to the android/data folder that could explain it. The data folder is to be used by individual apps, accessible global data should not be stored there. Where do you have your sync folder set up within the mobile client? 2d
  12. Thanks for the response. The issue here isn't manifesting itself like that. I don't have a sleep timer set on any computer. I manually force them to sleep (rundll32.exe powrprof SetSuspendState 0,1,0). What is happening is that BT Sync is preventing this command from being heeded. Even if I go in an physically click the sleep button in the start menu, it is still ignored. 2d
  13. As the subject suggests, is there a way to disable sync from preventing sleep? If not can we please have this removed in the future. I would like to control when my computers sync and when they sleep. 2d
  14. Not sure there is a way. Of course just clicking no, and realizing the software is still free, might be a good solution. (also try not to reboot so often.) Sorry, no real answer here. My guess is the check is hard coded, and you'd need an update to remove. 2d
  15. There are the development costs for the software but also the maintenance of the relay and tracking servers to consider. (Which subsequently qualify as 3rd party involvement.) You could use sync and circumvent those services, but you'd need a dns service (assuming you don't have a static IP address) and would have to redirect every time you connected from a different location.(Your phone would be particularly annoying to work with as most carriers provide dynamic IPs that change as the tower you're using changes.) It's messy but totally do able. In this way those servers are a convenience that does cost BT money to maintain. I'm again not saying that I wouldn't prefer a single purchase cost, and additional upgrade costs over the current subscription model, but based on your argument the subscription model is indeed justified. 2d