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  1. I have 3 desktops, 1 NAS, 2 mobile phones, and 2 laptops that are synced to 1 identity. I'm using this to sync a password database among other things. The password database is correct on 1 desktop, but is out of date on ALL other devices. How can I fix that? I am using Sync Pro.
  2. Is there a procedure for this, and is it possible to do this, without loosing all of the configuration data that exist in the services install?
  3. Nothing to see here. 2d Edit: Corrected as a consequence of ignorance.
  4. Urza, no disrespect, but you're not in any position to make that claim. What qualifies your comments? Do you have the legal policies qualifying your claims? Do you understand the inner workings of encryption and cryptography? Have you reversed engineered Sync's executable? Within the constraints of the law BT have made claims according to the steps they have taken. I'm not claiming I blindly except this, but I'm also not flamboyantly disregarding it. On the other hand what steps if ANY have any of the open sources package you use for file synchronization gone through to also make a similar
  5. Sync is working on my QNAP TS-231 albeit with slow transfer speeds. (1-5mb/s) 2d