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  1. I try to use : http://[address]:[port]/api?method=set_file_prefs&secret=(secret)&path=(path)&download=1 It doesn't work, so i suspect the path to be wrong. Do I have to keep the "()" I try : http://ip:port/api?method=set_file_prefs&secret=(***********************)&path=(D:\temp\test)&download=1 Can some one help me with this?
  2. hi ! When i try to add a new folder to my webapp (that use the API) i got this annoying message that my secret key does not respect the rules. in french : "Cette clé secrète n’est pas valide. Générez une nouvelle clé secrète ou saisissez la clé secrète du dossier partagé." the key tried was : "AEA5698173FC6FDBE30A9AF462B9FC8478148CB9C26003C930D8ECC4508FF491D" and when i try one like :"13132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132123132154513213212132132"It works. And if you can explain me the way selective_sync works it would be a great bonus.
  3. I read that fast so i may have missed some info but there is a problem of security if you can generate a secret to access to a file just by knowing the name of the file.
  4. It was the path ! It works just fine now ! Thanks
  5. That is exactly what a pirate would have said !! the object of the mail : [install And Use Api On Windows]‏
  6. I investigate that point. On the task manager it appears and get quickly killed, without any message. I believe it act like there is an other instance of BTSync active. Before I try the command line i quite BTSync with a right click and quit on the process-bar icon. As it start running from the command line with the configuration file the memorie used (into the task manager) is around 2 000k but when i run it without the configuration file (still with command line) it use about 25 000k. So he may not like my conf file or there is a lock file (like this F***g firefox on linux when it cras
  7. When I try to access to : It does not work. So i imagined that it was the same as using the API. But if it work for you wy it doesn't for me? I'm jealous! Dit it work for you when you do that: "C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent Sync>BTSync.exe /config sync.conf" (it does not for me again) If you have any idea, I take it. My version is 1.3.105 and I use windows 7 family edition.
  8. Are you on windows? Because i ask the support team they answered :
  9. Hi, I would like to use the API with php. My installation is on windows and I cant make it work! As far as now : I got a "sync.conf" file but the command don't run the programme silently : "C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent Sync>BTSync.exe /config sync.conf" i'm trying to check if it work on chrome, looking at localhost:8888/gui And with a php wrapping of the API with wamp : "https://github.com/iGARET/BTSync-PHP" my sync.conf : { "storage_path" : "./", "use_gui" : true, "webui" : { "listen" : "", //"login" : "<someusernam
  10. Hi ! i'm not a very good php programmer can you give me the minimum to get started with your wrapper ?