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  1. I did the exact same thing and now regret it. Permissions should be set independently for each sync (top level folder), not assigned because of some arbitrary 'identity' or 'ownership'. Just because you 'linked' two 'devices' doesn't mean you want everything read-write between them. To get the permissions functionality back I am creating separate identities as a quick and easy fix to this problem. Hopefully this will be rectified in a future release.
  2. Possible to sync voice memos in the same way BT Sync currently syncs the camera roll? Suspect this would be heavily dependent on iOS hooks, so if it's just not possible right now this request can be closed. I would love this feature. Would make memos far more useful than they are currently, locked to iTunes.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Roman. Hmm. Well I am moving house next week and disconnecting/reconnecting internet etc. Same ISP though. Once I've moved and reconnected, I will run some tests, do some research and try to find where the bottleneck could be on my side or at the level of my ISP. I will report back here with my findings in about a month. It's good to hear that even just two peers should saturate a connection, though, because I'd much rather use BT Sync than other solutions such as FTP. I'm very impressed by BT Sync so far, so I hope I can solve these problems.
  4. Couple of questions: 1) Were there any speed-related changes between 1.3.94 and 1.3.105? I ask because the external Synocommunity package for Synology DiskStation devices has not yet been updated to 105, so I am running 94 on my NAS. 2) Is there a changelog made public somewhere? 3) Using BT Sync with two devices, a server in North America and my NAS in Melbourne, Australia; speeds are slow*. I average about 300KB/s with BT Sync, but about 1.8–2.1MB/s using multiple connections over FTP (specifically, using lftp). Is this a limitation of the Bittorrent P2P 'swarm' technology, and I am seeing slow speeds because there are only two peers in the 'swarm'? 4) Following on from 3), if I'm speed limited by the number of peers, could we artificially populate one or both links with fake peers? Similar to traditional multiple connections using lftp or aria2, but with the BT P2P tech. 5) Is / will / should it be possible to saturate my bandwidth and maximise my connection speed using BT Sync given the distance between and low number of peers? * Yes, speeds are this slow/just as slow on a single HTTP link because of the tyranny of distance. I get ~350KB/s over HTTP (single connection). Thanks, Alek