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  1. No. As far as I know, there is no such thing as a account.
  2. I am no longer maintaining releases as Bittorrent are now doing all the work for us: Enjoy!
  3. Hi James,I don't recommend using unstable alpha versions with your Drobo, which is why I am not maintaining anything beyond a beta. Also it does worry me that Bittorrent seem to be reserving the most useful features for premium subscribers, despite these features being free to use in 1.4. But we will see when it is out of alpha.
  4. Hi Mark, I will send you a personal message - it will be easier to communicate about this. If anyone else is wondering the same thing in the future please send me a personal message and I will try to help you too! Toby Actually Mark, I wasn't able to PM you. Email me at toby.humphrey(at) and I can discuss this further.
  5. @Jarle: Sorry for the late reply. For some reason the forum notification email went to my junk folder. Ok, I'm not sure what issues you are having exactly but I recommend uninstalling BTSync on the Drobo. Do this by first opening up the Drobo Dashboard, going to the Drobo Apps section and clicking uninstall for BTSync. Then access your Drobo_Apps network share via ssh or sftp and make sure that the btsync folder has been removed. Once you are sure everything is clean in the Drobo_Apps share go ahead and drop the latest btsync.tgz in there and either restart your 5N or issue the command via ssh: sudo /usr/bin/ install This will install the BTSync app. Go to your web browser and navigate to drobonetworkipaddress:8888 to access the BTSync web interface. Now for the LaCie 5big. The built in OS runs on the Linux kernel. In theory you should be able to install and run software compiled with the appropriate Linux binary, but as far as I know this would require custom modification of the 5big firmware - which I would not recommend if your experience is limited. What I would recommend is attaching the 5big directly to an always on server, installing BTSync on that server and syncing the Drobo data to locations on the external 5big. If money is no object grab something like an Intel NUC or even a Mac Mini. What I do is use a Raspberry Pi. Nice and cheap The issue with a RPi is the limited RAM - BTSync indexing millions of files will chew up system memory, so the RPi option is not good for syncing of massive directory trees (500,000 + files). But to be honest the Drobo 5N only has 1GB of RAM so it's also not very happy with indexing millions of files. Having said that the BTSync software is becoming more memory effecient with every release A higher spec alternative to the RPi is the Humming Board. Now I realise a lot of this may be difficult to follow if you are new to all of this. So send me your email in a private message if you want me to go through some things in more detail Toby
  6. Sorry Dennis, my bad you're right these settings are not available through the web GUI. Another option is to time BTSync to start and stop using Cron. I'll look into this further and see what can be done!
  7. I have recompiled for the latest version 1.3.109. (Sorry about the delay, I was on holiday!) 5N: FS: Unfortunately the settings for folder rescan interval cannot be changed from the default during the compilation as these are delivered by the binary code. You can of course just edit these via the web interface as you would on any BTSync client.
  8. I will change the indexing interval when I re-compile for the next update!
  9. @BigCookie You're welcome. If you are upgrading from a previous version it should retain your data links and your admin username and password, otherwise the defaults are: Username: admin Password: password
  10. @turbodonkey: I am maintaining for both 5N and FS. The trouble with just replacing the binary is that method will not reflect any changes to the DroboApp SDK, or any package changes in how the service runs on a Drobo. You can do that if you want, but I recommend you use my repos.
  11. Git for 5N: Git for FS:
  12. Ok, I can create a VM for the FS too and maintain BTSync for both models.
  13. I am using BTSync on a Drobo 5N. It only has 1GB of system RAM, but is able to handle much larger directories than 37k files. I am currently syncing around 250,000 files, which is about 3TB of data. The largest sync folder is 217,000 files. Having said that you are dealing with lots of very small files (less than 1Mb on average), have you tried excluding some unecessary files using the .SyncIgnore file?
  14. Hi all BTSyncers. I am using BTSync very actively on a Drobo 5N NAS (as well as Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, and Android). I recomplie the DroboApp every time BT release a new ARM version. If anyone is interested in keeping up-to-date with BTSync on a Drobo 5N, please express your interest here and I will set up a respository on GitHub. Cheers
  15. I would like to see a version developed for the Ubuntu Touch alternative OS for mobile devices. The ARM binaries are already there, it would just mean packaging things to correctly support the mobile platform and officially submitting it to the Ubuntu Store. Probably the Android version could be a good starting place.