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  1. Dear Helen, thanks for responding. > not installed properly I suspected as much and actually reinstalled BTSync a number of times, even trying the 32bit version instead -- but even then, the issue persisted: I was requested for the admin password after every restart. I have now reverted to v. 1.4.103 on my Windows machine and it's communicating fine with the 1.4.110 on my Debian boxes.
  2. Still offering support on v.1.4.110? Because I just updated from 1.4.103 to .110 and am now seeing the same symptoms as Bertradio above. After bootup and when logging-in to my non-admin account on my Win 7 64-bit machine, I get the standard Windows pop-up asking for the Admin credentials because BTSync wants permissions: "c:\...\BTSync\BTSync.exe" \MINIMIZED\PERFORMINSTALL 128 "c:\...\BTSync" 0 But BTSync is installed already. If I say "No" (no admin credentials) then BTSync runs ok. So it's annoying, but not the end of the world. The "Revision" value in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BitTorrent\Sync is set to "104006e" (Hexadecimal) Thanks in advance for any help. -iM-
  3. I have this problem, too. I'm trying to share a RO link by copying the link from the Windows Clipboard into the browser in a Remote Desktop session to my remote machine (W7). Internet Explorer 11 says "The webpage cannot be displayed" and Firefox 31.0 says "The address wasn't understood ... You might need to install other software ..." The same machines are already syncing a read/write directory without problem, so obviously BTSync (1.4.75) is installed... Am I doing something wrong? -M
  4. I've just realised that the same, or something similar, has happened to me! Just 2 machines syncing, my W7 laptop and my W7 storage server, both in my LAN, both running v. 1.3.109. I've just realised that a huge number of files on my laptop have been moved into the .syncArchive. They're now syncing back from the server -- but why is anything being synced when the files have not been touched, many of them for years even? This is 30-odd GB of copying to and fro, just for fun... And to cap it all, I now see that a couple of hours work of Friday last week is gone... I guess that was it with BTSync until I read something positive. Great program otherwise - if only it fulfilled its primary purpose :-(
  5. I know this is old now, but my 2 cents -- I was also irritated by the queue, until I noticed that the files in question were currently being used by processes. As soon as I closed the programs, the queue was gone. (I'm syncing between two W7 machines).