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  1. Please add total files again to 1.4 UI as it was in 1.3 UI (MySync ab). This was for the most part the only way to quickly see if all the devices are in fact up to date. 1.4 now only shows total size - which is really no indication at all of total files per folder. See below.
  2. Not that I would retract anything I suggested so far, but I have actually debugged and resolved this issue [without the source code] - BTSync can send a cheque when they actually make money from it First, I simply assumed BTSync is not directly responsible and that it is the IE plugin's fault - which seems a safe assumption. The IE plugin works pretty straightforward, you simply give it files and it serves them. Also, the symptoms seems pretty much that CSS was not being served to the embedded browser. I could especially reinforce this line of thinking when I also started looking at Syncth
  3. Nothing, if it works and you did it properly Which is exactly the point. IE doesn't and BT didn't. I deal with IE issues every day in large companies (>100,000 emps) and this is mostly on intranets where one is in full control of standards, IE versions, etc. It is so bad, that certain IEs isn't even compatible with certain SharePoints - how ironic. I've even seen occurrences over the years where the latest stable IE release couldn't render microsoft.com. Everyone knows IE isn't on w3c spec and hasn't been for years now, and it has and always had lots of compatibility issues just betwee
  4. All three main browsers have been embeddable for some years now (FF was probably first since the late '90s if memory serves - I clearly remember using it as ActiveX control in Delphi 5 days - and did it that you could even choose if you wanted to use IE or FF as the engine) - takes some digging, some tweaking and a couple of SDKs to do it properly though. As said, also wouldn't be my first choice these days. If you really want a HTML-ish interface there are a million nice toolsuites available to do it with in anything from VS to Eclipse. PS: Also less trouble than you would think to embed
  5. That may be Marko. However, in my particular case I have a prime machine with Win7Ult, a lot of hardware, one AV running (MSE), IE11 up and running and up to date - in fact, my own machine is completely up to date with all the latest windows patches. In fact, you could not ask for a better "up to date" example of a windows machine. Yet, it fires up with a "textual" UI just like anyone else's. So this "is it the IE version?", "is it the IE settings?", "is it the AV?" and "is it the firewall?", is typical dev-speak for grasping at straws. Unless you embedded a virus in BTSync or the firewa
  6. +1 Development lessons BT are learning the hard way today: You don't make big UI change like this, not test it properly and leave your software without a GUI - effectively making it unusable. At a minimum BT should have kept the old UI around for a version or two as alternative for a situation just like this.You never embed IE. Rather opt for embedding FireFox or Chrome. IE is customized by every big corporation, it is neither forward nor backward compatible even on CSS level.You don't assume Windows users are all "obviously" using IE. Reality is IE has not been even the 3rd most popular b