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  1. I recently upgraded to Sync 2.2 and I often have a problem with a large folder that seems to stop syncing and I must disconnect it and reconnect it to rebuild the index. I've had to do it twice now. The computer where I'm updating the files and I'm seeing that the changes aren't being sent, then reindexing is running Windows 10 Home.
  2. I'm having a problem on one specific Windows 7 machine with the tray icon constantly spinning. This is on version 2.0.120. I will retrace my steps. 1. Got a new computer with Win7 pre-installed with some generic user name with Admin privileges. 2. Instead of making a new account, I changed the name of the generic account and quickly found out that this doesn't change the name of the folder in \Users. 3. Followed some instructions online to change the folder name and folder name in registry while logged in to a temporary administrator account. 4. This broke sync and gave me errors on every single folder. I don't even remember what the error was now. I didn't document it. 5. Uninstalled and re-installed bittorrent sync and it fixed the problem (although, it created an extra instance of this computer in the lists on all my other devices that can't be deleted). 6. Sometimes I saw the tray icon constantly spinning even when there was no activity. Now, a couple of days later, it's constantly spinning with no activity. 7. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting every single folder. This did NOT fix the constantly spinning icon.
  3. I've just updated to 1.4.91 on my headless server, and the web gui is missing. Browser will not find a page at all. Is it still located at http://localhost:8888/gui? Or in my case, accessing it over my network, http://serverip:8888/gui? Note, I am running directly from the binary from a "bin" folder in $home. I'm not using any packages.