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  1. I went here to look if others have problems with this release... YES IT DOES. Using Linux, so there are no upgrade-errors, just the fact that finding peers is impressively unreliable. Also: Why can't Resillio post version release-notes link right here: ??? - why do we need to dig around to find it ?
  2. rslsync, same as I use on other devices, installed on , new Ubuntu , when I log into it, click "my devices" the "link device" does nothing, nothing pops up. deleted .sync directory and started over , it did not help.
  3. please start publishing releasenotes link right on the download page, that's just good practice !
  4. it's hard enough to trust closed source, and now, while previous Linux client was 10MB, now , after the "namechange" (and some features) it grew to 14.9MB ! - that's a grow by alomost 50% ! What's going on ?
  5. Upgraded 2 devices, the first one was first, ok. The second one, is not first, and there is no decent option to make that wizard go away so I can get to business.
  6. The look is not welcoming, it have one huge download button for stinking windows (my browser tells the site it's Linux) , and some small link to the rest of OS'es. We do not live in the 90's - a great tool like this should boast its multiplatform ability by listing ALL supported platforms with pride. After all, users today expect at least some desktop and some mobile platform, and the first glance does not make it clear that you support it all. Example of one nice way to present all:
  7. I have IPv6 connectivity, and a NAT'ed IPv4 which is not official. All peers (at home and work) have default settings as in My laptop, which is on the same LAN/subnet as my workstation have often trouble with "no peers". All clients are Linux 1.4.106 Beta. another observation; I have 5 shared folders. changing anyone makes the laptop discover it at "out of sync" - so apparently there is some connection, it also sees the number of files to update - but does very little about it.
  8. 1.4.106 Beta on Linux, same LAN, still - often hard to find peers. or just stands with "out of sync"