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  1. I've run into small little issues like this with Bittorrent sync after the 2.0 update. I would love to see things like this get updates quickly to make the users happy and prevent future issues. The fact that a device can be stolen, the information cannot be remotely removed, and the old devices can't be removed from the my devices list is silly. This has been a known issue since march. Sure the development at Bittorrent Sync is working hard to improve the program, but I feel more emphasis should be made on figuring out solutions to problems like this.
  2. In 1.4 I was able to dictate exactly where one folder on one windows machine would sync to a different folder on another machine. Now with 2.0, whenever I sync a new folder it automatically syncs to the 'default folder' location on the other machines. Is there any way I can sync to any location other than the default one? Oh, I just figured out that If I set the first machine's folder to not 'sync all', then disconnect it on the second one, then reconnect, it will allow me to define a folder location other than the 'default folder'. I think with the new 2.0 redesign, a lot of functionality has been sacrificed for good looks. This was a lot easier to do with 1.4. Too bad it's no longer available for download.