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  1. This sort of thing has happened to me twice recently. One synced folder just completely disappeared - luckily I had fully synced it to another device and was able to restore it. However, just yesterday I got an error that the .sync folder from one of my other shares was missing, so I disconnected and reconnected to the same folder, hoping to rebuild the .sync folder. But since this was the primary storage location and the other devices were set to selective sync and only had partial data, it apparently wiped out all the files that were not present on the other devices and now I have thousands
  2. I recently upgraded to 2.0 and really like the direction it's headed. I have a large movie database on my home computer (>4 TB) and selective sync is exactly what I needed to sync only certain files to my smaller devices with less storage capacity. However, I am having a few issues with the way placeholder files work - maybe I'm trying to do something I'm not supposed to do, I don't know. Here's the issue: The movie folder on my main computer syncs all the subfolder and placeholder files successfully to my laptop. Then I start moving some of the placeholder files around on my laptop to
  3. I'll echo this concern. I'm running a Sony VAIO Duo 13 with a Core i7, which I specifically bought for its excellent battery life (8-10 hrs). I have Dropbox installed as well, which doesn't seem to impact battery life much at all, even with an extremely fast refresh/rescan rate (typically less than 30 sec). When I have BTSync running with a similar refresh rate, it kills the battery in around 4 hrs. Don't get me wrong, I love BTSync. It is certainly the direction I wanted sync services to go, rather than leaving sensitive data on an 3rd-party server somewhere. I love the new features of 2.0,