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  1. This is something I'd also like to bump/request. I have over 120GB of photos in a sync'd folder on my server, and it is set up to selectively sync to all of my other devices. Currently there's no way to know what photo I'm looking for because the .bts files don't have any thumbnail data. I understand that a lot of people wouldn't want this extra data in their temporary .bts files, but it would be great to have this as an optional feature for people like me who use btsync in this way.
  2. What's the status of this? Kind of annoying that you took it to a private support ticket, others have the same problem after many months with no solution. Do you want us all to file support tickets and take up your time? What's the solution?? This is happening on all 5 of my windows machines with selective sync.
  3. Agreed, I sync projects across multiple devices through a generic "projects" sync, it'd be nice to be able to selectively sync individual folders without having to create new syncs (with new share setups, etc.. )