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  1. I am trying to use Sync with shared folders created on a PetaSpace volume. I am finding that the initial sync does not seem to ever end. Is Sync compatible with PetaSpace? With a PetaSpace volume spanning volume 1 and volume 2, PetaSpace seems to create normal folders within volume 1 that contain all the files that are spanned across the volumes, so that's what I am attaching Sync to. Maybe there is another way to do it? Thanks!
  2. I also got the warning message about the upgrade to 6.0.1. I installed it anyway, and Sync continues to work fine. It connects to other Sync clients fine. I tested a few files and they sync correctly. No reinstallation of Sync was necessary.
  3. OK thanks for the info, I'll wait on the upgrade to 6.0 then.
  4. I am running BT Sync on DSM 5.x and trying to do the upgrade on the Synology box to the official DSM 6.0 release. When I start the upgrade it stops a minute in and states that BT Sync is not compatible with 6.0, and that it must be disabled in order to complete the upgrade. Is BT Sync compatible with DSM 6.0? If so, should I just stop the service before the upgrade and then manually start after it finishes? Or should I do something else? I am running BT Sync 2.3.5. Thanks!
  5. I am using BTSync for Synology. I think there is a bug in the history log that shows the wrong message. If you start to sync a folder with another device for the first time, and the other device includes some of the same files that are in the source, instead of stating "File already found, skipping download" or something to that effect, the warning message in the log is, "Failed to download <filename> - CheckOriginalFile: No such file or directory". Also, it would be very helpful in the History Log if the folder name was included along with the file name. Right now it just shows the file name that was synced, so you have no idea what folder it was from. These things are pretty minor, but probably worth fixing.
  6. This might sound counter-intuitive to the "sync quickly" nature of the product, but it would be a tremendous addition to Sync to be able to control a delay factor on individual folders, and for individual devices. For example, I have a backup repository that I am syncing with a primary repository, and it would be helpful to delay the sync by a day, or maybe 12 hours. That way I can fix mistakes or do multiple updates to files without triggering an immediate sync. Thanks for considering!