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  1. Thanks for that - the folder is 40GB and still saying 3-5 days. I guess that is due to bit rate? Not sure if I should expect faster than 300/400 KB/S?
  2. I have a bunch of notifications (like about a hundred) over the last hour in HISTORY, that say Sync has Finished syncing. But at the same time it is transerring data from the source PC an telling me it will take 5 days to complete at 204.7 KB/s bit rate. So my questions are: what does Finished syncing... indicate? and doesn't 5 days seem slow?
  3. Hi, I am trying to gauge whether I have a speed issue but the indicator doesn't seem to be transferring data very fast (or at all). I have seen it download at 150 kb/s / 350 kb/s but no longer getting any information - although I have reason to believe data is certainly being transferred - please see screengrab taken while download is going on. It shows files being transferred (History) while indicator showing 0.0 kb/s Shoud I be expecting faster than 350 kb/s anyway?
  4. Thanks for that Helen - To answer your question, Greg's iMac is a RW source of files but may main concern is that it wouldn't use files from a remote read only folder in case they overwrite on my computer (or delete files on my computer in order to keep in sync with the backup drive).
  5. I followed the instructions here: to get my backup folder to receive and store updated or new files from my source folder on my home computer when I create them. I assume that the crossed-out pencil indicates the folder is read-only? However the log is showing that my home computer is saying 'Greg's iMac' (the source) added file xxxxx. Does this mean it is adding files from my backup drive to Greg's iMac or the other way round? There's also a load of 'failed to download' errors (No such file or directory) and I can't figure out what it's trying to download from where. Is 3.0 kBs a normal 'down' speed?