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  1. When I'm copying a large amount of files via the Windows Explorer into a Sync folder, every new file that hits the folder will trigger a "File is locked by another application" Windows notification because the file is still being copied... is there an option to suppress those messages? As in... just those messages so other important messages from Sync will still show notifications? They get quite obnoxious when it flies out for every file and I'm copying sometimes hundreds. Thanks
  2. My NAS has pretty much endless storage so I always set the global retention date for versions to 10 years... I can't help but think about how great the ability to designate a specific client as a "version node" would be, where the Archive folders get indexed and any client can then access previous versions of files via their own desktop (right click "View previous versions..." etc.)... often I have to go to the NAS and rummage through folders with huge amounts of numbered versions which is a tedious and time consuming task. Syonology Drive on my NAS has that functionality and it's fantastic.
  3. My setup... (if you need more details, let me know) i7 Mac mini is my "always-on" Sync machine (drive holding all the Sync files is an external USB3 WD My Book in RAID-0 config mode) Two i7 Windows 10 Pro PCs as Sync clients running on dual SSDs in RAID-0 (super fast read/writes) Whole network from end to end is Cat-6 running through a business class gigabit Cisco switch All Sync versions and operating systems are fully up to date The apps in question are some games I have where I set up my own local cloud saves, so to speak, to keep both the Windows machines game s
  4. Been a long time user of Sync and am well versed the software, but up until this point, I've never had a situation like I currently have. I have a directory that that is housing some app files... when the app is open, there are a number of files that stay in an open state as well as lots of deleting files, writing new ones, updating, etc. This is absolutely choking Sync because it can't keep up with the rate of the requests and it's own sync process... the result is the app using the directory constantly giving me corrupt file and missing file errors. I know there is a global setting to increa
  5. Yes, on iOS the app has to be open in order to Sync or backup photos... I think Android can sync in the background, but it's an iOS limitation I believe
  6. How come all my 2.5.9 clients aren't finding the update through the Sync app? I've done a "Check now" on all of them and none of them are seeing it... have a mix of macOS and Windows 10 machines as well as a Synology NAS client
  7. Just tried the help on that page and I still don't get the overlay icons... what's strange is, after registering the DLL files per the instructions (I copy/pasted the Explorer URL and DLL file names quoted so I know they were exact) I can still delete those files even after a restart... the documentation says if they're registered, you won't be able to delete them because the system will see them as in use. Screenshot attached just shows registering the one, but I did the x64 and x86 versions.
  8. On all my Windows 10 boxes (6 of them) I've lost all the Explorer icons... I've tried reinstalling Sync and nothing corrects it... I deleted the old 2.4.x registry keys for the ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers prior to reinstalling Sync and it seems the 2.5.x installer is not adding new ones. Anyone else have this issue and know of a way to correct it?