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I have 3 machines, one windows, one mac, one linux.

Shared one folder. Fine, works overall.

The issue I have is that on Mac (only) there is no reaction on changes to files in the folder.

Other clients receive updates only if I restart btsync on my Mac.

Log attached (enabled debug, restarted btsync, then added a file to the folder, waited 5 mins).

Can you advice?

Mac OS X 10.8.3

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Could you please follow these instructions http://forum.bittorr...-syncapp-issue/ ?


He did do the first two, and, for all I know (Maybe you know more? Being staff?) has also submitted an email. He probably just wants a second opinion in the matter.

@OP, I would help, but, I don't own a mac so I can't even verify if real-time updates is a feature on macosx.

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Attached log contains not enough debug information.

Hi! What do you mean? Should I wait for more time? Lmk how I can help you.

You know, this seems to work in a few minutes later. In your FAQ it is said there is a known issue for OSX 10.6. So, seems this issue relates to newer OSX versions too?

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BTSync uses FSEvents API to get file notifications on OSX. Additionally BTSync does rescan of the shared folder once in 10 minutes. So if it you see file updates only in 10-15 minutes, it means file notifications do not work for you. Can you please try the following:

1. Make sure fseventsd process is running (this is a system process responsible for file system logging)

2. Try to add any other folder (e.g. ~/btsync) and check if it works. We saw few cases when fseventsd stopped to send events for particular folders.

3. Try to reboot your Mac.

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