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I have a question regarding use of the read-only sharing within Btsync:

If I have a machine set as the "master", and sync to several other machines using the read-only key, will these machines transfer across to the other machines to keep the data in sync IF the Master machine goes offline?

Meaning, do the machines setup using a read-only key still work in the P2P scope of things, sending files across to all other machines that are connected under the same key, or is the Master unit the only one that handles the transfers then?

Just curious :)

Thank you.

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When you do that, do you find that the slaves overwrite changes from the master over time?

Haven't used it enough yet in this configuration to say for certain as my NAS drive running BTSync wasn't up to par (spec wise) to work properly with the software, but I will be reconfiguring my setup with a newer, faster unit here shortly and will post back with my results, however, I believe the Master would be the machine to perform all changes overtime from what I could tell.

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The answer to your original question is yes. As for Greho, I don't really understand why he makes that question can a slave override what the master dictates, it's simply out of the question. BTSync will make sure that there is coherence between shared folders among all peers, so you don't need to worry about the slaves misbehaving, because they won't.

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In my experience, with btsync 1.2.82, read-only files will sync with one another as long as the files are the same as what the master wanted to sync.


So as an example Lets say A = my PC, B = my Linux box and C = my phone

A will be the master 

B and C are read-only


Case 1: Add files to A

B and C recieve files from A and one another.


Case 2: Add files to A and let it sync to B, but not C. Than switch A off

When C and B are on, C receives the Files from B


Case 3: Add files to A and let it sync to B, but not C. Than switch A off and edit some of the files on B
When C and B are on, C will receive all the files from B that are new and have not been edited.


Case 4: Edit files on C or B

Any files that have been edited by are treated as if they are in the .SyncIgnore list and are not synced with the other read-only devices.

I hope this helps.

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