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I've searched the forums but haven't been able to figure this out. I've got a remote server with a gbit connection and my home server which is Windows Server 2012. My home Internet is 85Mbps/35Mbps. I installed the sync app via ssh on the remote side and then installed it on my home computer. Set up a read only sync from the remote and started it up. However I'm only getting 20kB/s-300kB/s speeds. Its mostly on the slower side with only occasional bursts up to 300kB/s. I would think my connection would limit me to about 10MB/s but I'm obviously getting nowhere near that. I've restarted the services on both ends but no change. Am I missing something really obvious?

Couple other items. It is only transferring one file at a time. Occasionally a second file will pop up but very little concurrent transfers. The files I'm transferring atm are around 15MB-50MB in size.

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What kind of specs does the remove server have? Does the remote server use an encrypted read-only secret, a read-only or a read-write secret? What kind of harddrives does your server use? Is the I/O limited?

When seeding a file with a read-write secret the server has to read file -> encrypt -> put torrent pieces into SQLite database. This database I am sure is limited in size. This means seeding one file involves reading the file (using read IOPS), encrypting it (using CPU cycles), adding it to the database (write IOPS), and then reading and seeking the database to serve the files (more read IOPS). The encryption probably requires some ram too. I think BTSync caches most of the database in ram (I hope so, it uses tons of ram that can be swapped out, stupid).

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I too am having this same issue. Segmented FTP and SFTP downloads from my server max out my 30megabit connection, but btsync only gives me the occasional 300+kilobytes burst. Usually it sits about about 250kB/s.


The convenience of this program is fantastic, but I wonder how we can make it more efficient? I know when I use bittorrent I do not experience this issue as I can usually max my connection without a problem.


This program is fantastic though! I really want to continue using it and the fact that it's downloading ALL the time will probably make it easier to digest as I usually queue up downloads at night or in the morning using SFTP, so this may prove to be just as fast. Regardless though it would be nice to put the speed on this.


I have tried all the tweaks recommended in the forums for changing advanced settings (restarting the application after of course) and nothing have given me any significant increase in WAN download speed. The speed of my server isn't the issue here, nor is this a Raspi or any other low powered device.

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