Feature Request - Android Shared Secret Retrieval For Folders

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I've synced a folder from a PC to Android. Now I want to sync that same folder from Android to another device. How do I retrieve the shared secret? Currently, you need to browse to a hidden config file, and that's not very user-friendly.


See: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/22106-retrieve-secret-through-my-android-device-gt-i9300/


Also, could the shared secret transfer via QR code? As in, Android displays a QR code which is then scanned by a computer?

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There is no way to get the secret in mobile UI. The secret which can be displayed as QR code is a one-time secret for transferring particular files, not for permanent sync folder. 


Thanks for posting your feature request, we'll consider it in future releases. I also suggest putting it into wishlist topic.

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