Not Syncing Several Documents/files On Mac


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I recently started to use Sync to keep several computers in sync with respect to my working documents - things like .doc, .ppt, .txt and similar. 


Unfortunately, several of these "working" files end up never getting synced. The sync status shows as complete, there are no visible errors anywhere, but several of the files are missing on my other computers. I can only see them on the computer that created them.


It seems to be that something goes awry with often-saved files. Static/archived files are fine - I have GBs of files properly synched. I run into issues though for "working" files. Even after I save them, close the document, etc. they still don't get shuttled to the other computers.


Any pointers would be welcome. Otherwise, I'll have to switch off of BT Sync, which would be unfortunate. I love the value proposition.




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Days at a minimum and in fact weeks for several of the files involved. It's all in steady state for sure.


It may help to know that I see several of these files (not all) in the SyncArchive. I'm not sure why the final versions are never moved to the actual location.

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Hi stlBilek,


Is the app which edits these frequently-changed files still running? I guess it can keep them open exclusively and restricts other apps (BTSync) from reading.


The fact that they are getting in .SyncArchive is really strange, it is like someone is deleting these files on other peers... Anyway, full debug logs can shed some light on this mystery.

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