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Well I can't speak for any vendor that produces software but from a Sysadmin perspective I can tell you that people try to install all kinds of software and especially Syncing software is a tricky thing. You won't know what data they sync off or on to corporate clients. That's why it is a security risk in some cases if you don't talk with your local IT department about it.

If you show them what it's doing and why you need it, they will probably wanna check it out and install it for you.

As a sysadmin: if you see P2P Traffic in your network and you don't know why it's there; that's bad. I can totally understand that as a normal user you wouldn't know all these aspects and don't need to know them. But you need to understand why certain things can't or won't be installed on corporate devices.

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Hi Moe,


I can completly understand you.

In my case I would accept the risk because I don't do bad things.


But I also believe that there exists other use cases where a portable client makes sense.

And for those use cases I can't understand why Resilio doesn't offer such a version.

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22 hours ago, jeuser said:

there exist Portable Versions for Dropbox, Evernote, OwnCloud etc.

There actually exists portable versions of Sync - however, this feature was officially dropped some time ago as of Sync 1.2.82 (although continued to work for early 1.3.x builds too)...  so if you can find one of those builds, you can run Sync portable. Otherwise, this thread is certainly the right place to request that portability be brought back

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