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A forum member, MRACHINI, has previously posted a way to make it portable on Windows. I've not tested this myself, but his instructions can be found in this thread

This is not exactly portable, there's still the problem with relative paths not working (even when modifying the sync.dat manually to e.g. "..\sync")

Also if the settings.dat isn't available at all, the .exe turns into an installer. The sync.dat is portable ... sort of.

However, thanks for the link.

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Portable App - Run from flash drive

I recently ran into this issue with dropbox. I had to use a computer which I did not have install privileges on and was forced to use a flash drive and resync a bunch of files to dropbox. It was a pain.

Sync is working great for me so far.


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For completeness, the following users also previously requested such features in the original Wishlist thread:

- BTSync portable for windows (on linux it's portable by default)

A portable APP for windows, so no need to install anything

1) To have both install and portable versions.

windows portable version of btsync: in this way you can use it also where there is no way to regular install (without admin power)

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To me that an extremely important feature! I often work with many computers where I need files. Due to the nature of my work it's not productive or in some cases not possible to install the program on a host machine. Please make this portable and runnable without elevated privileges.

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I have a situation where I have a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that I use as a daily desktop.  I cannot install software in this environment, as it refreshes and reassigns me each time i log in.  As such, BtSync is unusable for me until a portable solution is available.


Please comment on whether this feature is going to make the road map or not.





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