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  1. +1 I would find it very useful to have insight on the progress of the indexing process.
  2. I recently upgraded to SyncPro so I would have the option to turn off the "Sync All'. This is great for my laptop which has limited storage. I previously used a similar feature on "Wuala" and in their software I could define a limit to the "cache" of local files that were store locally. Once I hit that threshold, the oldest files (those that I had not accessed in the longest time) would no longer be stored locally. This was a GREAT feature. I am wondering if there is a similar option on BT Sync, or as I continue to use files will they just keep eating away at my HD? Thanks!
  3. Also would REALLY like to have a way to access the sync-data without actually syncing the entire folder to the local machine. Example: I'm at the office and would like to grab a few files from home. Don't want to / can't sync the folder, I could just browse to a virtual drive where I could access all the data in that sync-folder.
  4. In the web interface, there's a red 'X' to remove a folder from Sync (data is still in tact, just no longer synced). I REALLY wish this button had a 'Are you sure...' prompt before it removed the share. .....Oops!
  5. I just updated to 1.1.27 What an AWESOME app, keep up the great work! I see that Sync now supports file versioning. That's GREAT! How do I access / manage the different versions of a file?
  6. Sometimes I'm syncing large files - it would be very nice to see a progress bar in the 'Transfers' tab so I have an idea how long it will be. OR show a 'estimated time remaining'! That may actually be more useful.
  7. I am currently running SyncApp 1.0.75. I see from the FAQ on the forum that 1.0.95 is available. When I click on Preferences > 'Check Now' to check for updates, nothing happens. How can I update SyncApp?
  8. I am looking forward to the thought of syncing to a mobile device. While Sync-only-on-WiFi would be very nice to keep bandwidth utilization in-check, I don't think using it like Dropbox (no local files, only opening from online) would be of little/no interest or use to me. I NEED an app to sync my music, & images from a "cell" folder on my desktop to my cell / tablet.
  9. The ability to pause syncing is a GREAT feature, but can create issues if you forget to UNpause it. It would be nice to have a status notification, perhaps have the tray-icon change color, or show the 'pause' symbol (parallel vertical bars) over the SyncApp icon in the tray?