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  1. Great. But tell us more about the solved bugs of 2.1.0 in 2.1.1, please. Greetings merlinuwe
  2. Isn't there any supported release for my new Medion tablet LIFETAB_S1034X with Android 4.4.4 (kitkat)? Greetings, merlinuwe
  3. I have the same problem with Bittorrent Sync 2.0.85 FreeBSDx64 on FreeNAS Is there a step-by-step instruction for FreeBSD (64 bit)? Please note, I can only connect via a webbrowser from an other PC.
  4. Hi, where is the link to 1.4.111, please? Greetings, merlinuwe
  5. +1 for a portable release of bittorrent sync. Some months ago it was available and should be reimplemented. Now would be the right time to do it. Happy christmas to all developers and supporters. Greetings merlinuwe
  6. @RomanZ Yes, I use predefined hosts on both folders. I sent some sync.dat-files of my installation base to Ker, hopping that the files will reach you. --- Yes, indeed. I can edit the sync.conf on my Debian 6 and on my FreeNAS in WebUI. (Why not?) The question is: Is it intended, that I do so? The comment in the sync.conf // specify hosts to attempt connection without additional search "known_hosts" :suggests this to me. Greetings, merlinuwe
  7. I believe, that this is the intention of Bittorrent Sync. But I have described what I have seen immediate after adding a host ... (Perhaps it is constructive, when you test it on your machines.) Here is an (anonymized) excerpt of my sync.conf: What is the advantage of adding these hosts in the sync.conf compared to only fill them in the websites predefined hosts? (Isn't the comment (// specify hosts to ...) misleading?) Or do I understand right, that this is a part of the sync.conf that has (at least in the current release) no effect at all? Greetings, merlinuwe
  8. Hi, when I add a new predefined host for a folder ("Austausch"), these change causes that an other folder ("Mobil") also "knows" these new host. Seen on the releases of Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. Setting of predefined hosts should be independent for each shared folder. @RomanZ When I add predefined hosts on Debian 6 or FreeBSD in the sync.config: Are they valid for all folders, even when I use predefined hosts? (If yes, they should appear there.) Greetings, merlinuwe
  9. Hi, here are my suggestions for translating the german release of Bittorrent Sync for Android: ("Kollegen" are my colleagues or co-workers, where I work.) Kollegen: 0, Indiziere --> Anzahl P2P-Computer: 0, indiziere ... Kollegen: 1, Synchronisiert --> Anzahl direkter Verbindungen: 1, synchronisiert. Kollegen:, 1, Nicht synchron --> Anzahl Netzwerkpartner: 1, nicht synchron. Kollegen: 5, Wird gesendet --> Anzahl direkter Verbindungen: 5, Dateien werden übertragen ... Please use only one of these: Anzahl P2P-Computer:Anzahl direkter Verbindungen:Anzahl Netzwerkpartner:Anzahl Rechner im Netzwerk:...The phrase "Anzahl direkter Verbindungen" is my favorite one, but decide by yourself. Greetings, merlinuwe
  10. @RomanZ 4.-5. (yes) 7. Bittorrent Sync is working actively but does not get ready with syncing in an appropriate time. It shows "Kollegen 5, Nicht synchron" (I waited hours for synchronizing 3,83 GB of data. And also the syncing of a small folder with 22,42 MB is waiting the same long time. But there is nearly nothing to sync.) Sometimes, it gets the status "synced", but after a reboot of the device, the same long syncing process comes again. (The device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7".) Bittorrent Sync's energy save mode is "off". My other devices see 6 and 7 peers in opposite to my android, which sees only 5 peers. On the other side, the speed of indexing is ok. It indexes from time to time for a few seconds and after this the state "Kollegen 5, Nicht synchron" is shown again. 11. Sorry for my poor english. I give you some screenshots. In the file "Debian6 in Web 02.png" you see a red arrow which *shows* to "SyncNode EU1" (lightgrey). This server is only seen by my Webserver with Debian 6. The same Folder "Mobil" is on my FreeNAS, but this (LAN-)server doesn't see "Syncnode EU1" (but SyncNode EU2, witch is from the same provider). [bTW: Also my Windows 8.1 32 bit installation of Bittorrent Sync doesn't show "Syncnode EU1".] 15. (For me, it's easyly reproducable). New: Android shows for "Kamerasicherung" (camera backup) "Kollegen 0, Synchronisiert". (How can Bittorrent Sync know that, when it is not connected?) For the translators of the Android release: After a comma, the word "synchronisiert" is written in small letters. Also write ", nicht synchron" instead of ", Nicht synchron".
  11. Hi, I have some suggestions/issues: 1. FreeBSD: See attachment. This messages don't dissappear, even not after some restarts. 2. All releases: In the gui there is shown a date of synchronisation named "Synchronisierung-Datum". When I click on the peers-Link, there is also some information shown with the same name "Status Synchronisierungs-Datum vor xyz Stunden". When this should be the same information: There are different informations shown. I think, it shows the last connection and it should renamed to "Letzte Synchronisation vor xyz Minutes/Hours". 3. Android: "Kollegen" should be renamed to "Peers" as in the other releases. (My "colleagues" (in german: "Kollegen") work togeather with me at my workplace. ;-)) 4. Why is there no phrase like "6 of 7 peers"? This is inconsistent. 5. Concluding: Why can't I get information about the other peers like on the releases of other operation-systems? This is inconsistent. 6. What does "Nicht synchron" mean to me? I'm waiting a lot of time but this status does't change to "Synchronisiert". (Do I have to do something?) 7. I have some Apps that show me, that my Android-device is getting hotter. It consumes to much processor-time while using Bittorrent Sync. 8. It would be very useful to see the used IP and port in the menu "Identitäts-Details". 9. A button to force syncing (for all devices) would be preferable. 10. As you see, I have a complex network of peers. How can I be sure to have the same amount (and up-to-date) files on all my devices? The information about the size of *all* files and the green status-icon is not sufficient. An access to a database-extract, where only the *differences* between the peers (files with different file-sizes, file-dates etc.) are shown would be helpful. 11. Debian 6 32 bit, FreeBSD 64 bit: When I look a folder ("Austausch") at the windows 7 32-bit release, I see a peer (SyncNode EU1) shadowed, because its offline. The same peer on debian 6 and FreeBSD 64bit is not visible at all. But: An other folder (Mobil) is shown by the same releases as shadowed. 12. The new web-interfaces (1.4.x) are so slowly. 13. There is no tool-tipp for the bell icon shown in the upper right corner. 14. Some weeks before I reported some issues with files with german umlauts ("öäüÖÄÜß"). (Other users have reported something similar with special file-names or file-types.) How have you ensured, that these problems don't exist anymore? If you have made some testfiles, I would like to get them to test the situation in my complex environment. 15. The colums are configurable, but these settings are forgotten (after Browser-restart?) in Debian and FeeBSD. (It hat nothing to do with a restart of the applications.) Greetings, merlinuwe
  12. Hi, I tried to (unsystematically) "test" syncing with 1.4.93. My first attempt: Files like Österreich.txt, übel, öööäääüüü.txt, ÖÖÖÄÄÄÜÜÜ, dont get synced, if I store them on Debian6 and look at the files at Windows 8.1. The Good thing: The problem seems to disappear, when I add a non-umlaut as the first letter. aöü.txt, aÖsterreich.txt aöööäääüüü.txt aÖÖÖÄÄÄÜÜÜ.txt gets synced. The bad thing: Filenames like bÖ.txt, aübel.txt don't work. Testing is a little bit time-consuming, because I cannot force the sync process (klick a button and see, what works and what doesn't work). It's nearby to ask, why there are no such standard-test cases at Bittorrent afer a year or so of development, but I don't will ask because I can imaginge the complexity of testing. Edit: As I have seen soon, this problems seem to be already descovered in 1.4.92. Why do you release a new version 1.4.93 of a syncing software, knowing, that files like "Österreich.txt" don't get synced? (Don't tell me something about "beta" or so, please.) (The good thing is, that you tell known issues.) Greetings, merlinuwe
  13. @RomanZ Hm, I've seen them under the gear-wheel at the last menu under "options..." in the FreeBSD 64bit, but it would be also useful in all of the other releases, (like Windows 8.1, where I remarked the missing). BTW: In Windows, there is a blue button on the upper left "Ordner hinzufügen" ("add folder"?). In FreeBSD 64-bit there is an icon at the upper right side. This is inconsistent. In FreeBSD 64-bit there is an icon "Geben Sie einen Schlüssel oder Link ein", but in Windows there is no such an icon. This is also inconsistent. In Windows there is a button "Archiv öffnen". It would be nice to be able to see/download/delete the files under freeBSD (and other Linux/Unix systems), too. See h5ai, for example. But syncing between the android app and other local installed peers is a big problem, if you don't want to use relay, tracker or dht. Greetings, merlinuwe
  14. Hi, yesterday evening I wanted to write, that the issue with the port from release 1.4.82 isn't solved. But I thought to myself "ok - next release". Today I updated my FreeNAS to release 1.4.82 and got the same problem, with occured in 1.4.82 Windows 7: The Portnumber isn't changeable. Every time I change the port number open and close the window, I get a new port number. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think, the FreeNAS 64bit wasn't affected with this issue in 1.4.82. I saw these informations. What is the difference or relationship to the activated/not activated checkboxes which I can set for each shared folder? (Which one has the priority?) folder_defaults.delete_to_trash bool true Default setting for folder preference "Store deleted files in folder archive". folder_defaults.known_hosts string <none> Default setting for folder preference "Use predefined hosts". Hosts should be entered as single line of IP:port pairs (or DNSname:port pairs*) comma-separated (no other delimiters allowed). folder_defaults.use_dht bool false Default setting for folder preference "Search DHT network" folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast bool true Default setting for folder preference "Search LAN" folder_defaults.use_relay true Default setting for folder preference "Use relay server when required" folder_defaults.use_tracker bool true Default setting for folder preference "Use tracker server" (BTW: Wasn't there a link to the help website (one or two releases before) available?) Greetings, merlinuwe
  15. Thanks for your reply. I cannot manually change the port number back to the old value I had before (Win 7 32 bit). Every time I follow your advice, I get a new port number. There is no difference if I check the checkbox or not and there is no difference, if I restart sync after changing the port number. (The automatically change of the portnumber occures when I close the Preferences->Advanced Window and open it again.) BTW: The issue doesn't occure with Windows 8.1, Windows 7 64-bit, Debian 6 and FreeBSD. greetings, merlinuwe
  16. Hi, after installing the new release in Windows 7 the port changes and cannot be changed back. My other PC in the local network have a connection by predefined host:port. I guess that the connection works by network search. The connection to one of my peers (Debian 6) is gray, but this is an available webserver, running 1.4.75. The connection to an android device (in the same network) is grey, a file is waiting for sync. But the status shows a green arrow. Why isn't it possible to configure the android app in the same way as the other applications? Thanks for the now sizeable columns and the no more existing dependency to Internet Explorer. greetings, merlinuwe
  17. Hi RomanZ, thanks for your answers, I sent you the logfile of my Windows 8.1 desktop-PC via the feedback-button of bittorrent sync a few minutes ago. Here you see (after an upgrade to 1.3.109 to all my devices), that not all devices are connected. (Only compare the bold formated devices.) FreeBSD (on FreeNAS): Ordner Größe Verbundene Geräte Optionen backup 164.01 GB in 164775 Dateien 1 von 1 Gerät Austausch 81.91 MB in 548 Dateien 3 von 3 Geräten Mobil 5.53 GB in 2674 Dateien 5 von 5 Geräten Mobil Download ext (ro) 50.08 MB in 17 Dateien 5 von 5 Geräten Mobil Download int (ro) 3.91 MB in 6 Dateien 5 von 5 Geräten @home 410.51 MB in 75 Dateien 1 von 1 Gerät Debian 6: Ordner Größe Verbundene Geräte Optionen Austausch 81.91 MB in 548 Dateien 3 von 4 Geräten Mobil 5.53 GB in 2671 Dateien 5 von 7 Geräten Mobil Download ext 50.08 MB in 17 Dateien 5 von 7 Geräten Mobil Download int 3.91 MB in 6 Dateien 5 von 7 Geräten New issue: The syncing of the Mobil device shows a different (!) amout of files (2674/2671). Windows 8.1: see Attachment Greetings, merlinuwe
  18. Hi, here are some little issues with 1.3.109: I. When I change a file on my local device, 1. The tray-icon message "xyz wurde mit Onlinegeräten synchronisiert" appears. 2. Bittorrent sync is syncing. I would prefer the reverse order (after the sync is finished). II. If I have the file ".htaccess" in syncignore, bittorrent sync seems to hang sometimes at this file while syncing. I remarked this by clicking on the "i" (information-icon) in the tab "devices". Not easy to reproduce but often seen in Windows 7 and 8.1. A restart of bittorent sync seem to force the synchronization, but after a few days, the same problem ocures again. And here is a bigger issue (both devices are running 1.3.109): III. Windows 7 notebook: I don't see my debian and windows devices in bittorrent sync. But syncing works ... Debian 6: It says, that it wasn't connected with my notebook the last 15 hours. But thats not true because files were synced. IV. And here is another: In notepad++ I got the message, that my (on the server via WinSCP opened) files got changed(!). But the only changes I made, were those from the notebook, not elsewhere. (The time is set correctly on all devices.) Greetings, merlinuwe
  19. I use 1.3.109 only on my Windows 7 notebook and haven't upgraded my other devices yet. When I close the notebook and open it again after a while, I don't see my devices. I have to restart bittorrent sync to see all my other devices. Bug or feature? greetings, merlinuwe
  20. Hm, I installed 1.3.105 on Windows 8.1 and it runs. I started the unpacked btsync_i386.tar.gz on Debian 6 and it runs. (I can see it in the tab "devices" on my windows 8.1 PC.) But I can't see the web interface on Debian; I only see a white website. [Edit] The mistake was, that I used http://thehost:8080/gui/de/index.html instead of http://thehost:8080/gui/ Hope, that helps others. Some feedback: I agree with JimmyTheSaint when he wants to see the sync state of everything in one view. If you click (german release) on Optionen -> "Teilen" then you see "Teilen" (ok) Optionen -> "Geräten" then you see "Geräten". Better: "Geräte" instead of "Geräten". Optionen -> "Eigenschaften" then you see "Erweitert". Better "Eigenschaften" instead of "Erweitert". The list of predefined hosts should be a litte bit longer by default to better see more than 3 1/2 hosts without scrolling. (I would suggest 5 or more.) Don't you think it would be better to see the two symbols for "direct connection" and "relayed connection" furthermore? I would like to see if a connected device is one of the predefined hosts et vice versa without clicking between two windows. If you click on "Options" the website skips a little bit to the right and after closing the windows back. If you want to add a folder, the word "Geheimschlüssel" is cut. I only see "Geheimschlüsse". I would prefer to see the release number of BitTorrentSync on the start page, not in presettings. Where are the enhanced presettings ("Erweiterte Voreinstellungen")? I hoped, that a new interface would integrate them and the has r/w access to the conf-file. Nonetheless, the new interface is in other aspects better than the previous. Thanks and Greetings merlinuwe
  21. I tried to reproduce the issue in the lab - and failed, the port does not change. There is a logic in BTSync which changes the port if it is occupied (say, previous instance of BTSync is running and bound to the port). So - how do you upgrade? I suggests checking if the port is available when you run new Sync. ---------------- In the past I killed the process btsync, copied the new release to and startet it again: On debian 6 with ./btsync --config sync.conf On FreeNAS only with ./btsync Since yesterday I also use a sync.conf on FreeNAS and changed both sync.conf files. freenas# pwd/mnt/NAS1GB/btsyncfreenas# ps aux|grep btsyncroot 3076 0.0 0.7 54128 14564 ?? Ss 9:14AM 0:02.70 ./btsync --config sync.confroot 3116 0.0 0.1 16272 1872 0 S+ 9:15AM 0:00.00 grep btsyncfreenas# kill 3076freenas# ls -altotal 6204drwxrwxrwx 4 root wheel 512 Apr 27 17:49 .drwxrwxrwx 19 root wheel 512 Apr 18 17:13 ..drwxr-xr-x 2 root wheel 1536 Apr 28 09:14 .sync-rwxrwxrwx 1 root wheel 4110232 Apr 21 13:54 btsync-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 5 Apr 28 09:14 1 root wheel 2097570 Apr 22 16:41 btsync_freebsd_x64.tar.gzdrwxr-xr-x 6 root wheel 512 Apr 22 16:46 old-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 2514 Apr 27 22:09 sync.conf-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 2034 Apr 27 17:47 sync.conf-okfreenas# ./btsync --config sync.confBitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 3122freenas# Here is the sync.conf of the FreeNAS (** only for anonymizing): { "device_name": "freenas.local [192.168.178.**:32725]", "listening_port" : 32725, // 0 - randomize port /* storage_path dir contains auxilliary app files if no storage_path field: .sync dir created in the directory where binary is located. otherwise user-defined directory will be used */ "storage_path" : "/mnt/NAS1GB/btsync/.sync", // uncomment next line if you want to set location of pid file "pid_file" : "/mnt/NAS1GB/btsync/", "check_for_updates" : true, "use_upnp" : true, // use UPnP for port mapping /* limits in kB/s 0 - no limit*/ "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0, /* remove "listen" field to disable WebUI remove "login" and "password" fields to disable credentials check*/ "webui" : { "listen" : "192.168.178.**:8888", "login" : "admin", "password" : "**********" } /* !!! if you set shared folders in config file WebUI will be DISABLED !!! shared directories specified in config file override the folders previously added from WebUI.*//* , "shared_folders" : [ {// use --generate-secret in command line to create new secret "secret" : "MY_SECRET_1", // * required field "dir" : "/home/user/bittorrent/sync_test", // * required field // use relay server when direct connection fails "use_relay_server" : true, "use_tracker" : true, "use_dht" : true, "search_lan" : false,// enable SyncArchive to store files deleted on remote devices "use_sync_trash" : true,// restore modified files to original version, ONLY for Read-Only folders// "overwrite_changes" : true, // specify hosts to attempt connection without additional search "known_hosts" : [ "192.168.178.**:45796""******""192.168.178.**:31225""******""212.**.***.***:35221""bbz-******.de:35221""******""******" ] } ]*/ // Advanced preferences can be added to config file.// Info is available in BitTorrent Sync User Guide.,"disk_low_priority": false,"rate_limit_local_peers": false,"folder_rescan_interval": 600,"sync_max_time_diff": 600,"lan_encrypt_data": false,"sync_trash_ttl": 2147483647,"log_size": 10,"send_buf_size": 5,"max_file_size_diff_for_patching": 1000,"recv_buf_size": 5,"max_file_size_for_versioning": 1000} As you see, the listening port 32725 is now set to the portnumber in the sync.conf (and also to 32725 in the web interface; [bTW: Which one "wins"?]). I hope, that the port now doesn't change while updating to the next available release. One question: Is the section "known hosts" used for every folder I share? So can I delete "known hosts" defined for every folder in the web interface?) Thanks for your attention Greetings merlinuwe
  22. @RomanZ Hi, I saw 1.3.94 is out and couldn't resist to update - and test again ... Here are my answers to your comments on my issues. 1. Yes, the problem is reproducable, but this time with btsync_i386.tar.gz (Linux 32 bit under Debian 6), and not as before with btsync_freebsd_x64.tar.gz (FreeNAS 64 bit). (The unwanted change was from port 35221 to port 47598.) 2. Only the remote Windows 7 PC is at the moment not directly connected with two different shared folders. But the same host is with an other folder directly connected (there is a sync at the moment). So I don't want to lose this pretty situation through deleting the now nearly proper configuration ... ;-) (Can you reproduce the deletion of a non choosen item?) Update: After a few hours of waiting and doing nothing than to restart bittorrent sync (!) I see, that all devices on at least 4 hosts are connected directly. BTW: the Windows 7 remote server isn't still available via ping. 3. I will test this again, so that you better can reproduce what happens. 4. One of my local hosts got a new IP from DHCP... Sorry, my mistake. Now it works with a static ip. One Windows 7 remote host is definitively on, but cannot be pinged ("Host is unreachable"). Nonetheless he gets an IP over (There is a special application from witch shows that). Is this behavior critical? At the moment, I see a direct connection to this host. Mysterious: One of my local hosts get pinged over - but he is shutdown... 5. I'm looking forward ... Perhaps a new issue: 6. The Upload of a 424 MB zip-File is now at 42-55 kB/s, the download at 0.3-1.4 kB/s. It started with more than 1 MB/s (16000 kB/s DSL). Why is it so slowly after a while? Thanks for your help. Greetings merlinuwe
  23. Hi, I updated my pc/servers to the latest release 1.3.93 and have a few issues. I think, they occured also in former releases. 1. The i386 Linux release runs on a hosted server with debian 6 (32 bit) and seems to change his port-number by itself, perhaps while update to a new release. 2. If I want to delete a predefined host under BSD (FreeNAS FreeNAS-, the deletion affects not to the chosen item, but to another (Chrome Browser). 3. I tested a crypted key folder. It does not sync to the Debian and another remote Windows 7 PC, but to the (local) FreeNAS. 4. I checked any items in the folders properties and defined predefined hosts, too. The Windows and FreeNAS PC have also an IP from Some of my devices are connected directly, some not. (The amount of not directly connected devices changes, even when I change nothing but wait a few minutes.) 5. Do I understand correctly: If a user doesn't want to use relay, tracker and DHT, he cannot use the android or IOS apps? If I can help with logfiles or so, I would do. Nonetheless thanks for the new release. Greetings merlinwe
  24. Hi, there is a new release FreeNas 9.2 available. Does Bittorrent sync run under FreeBSD 9.2? Greetings merlinuwe
  25. Hi, It would be very nice, if I could (optionally) access the files stored (and the deleted files) in a btsync share by a cool website like (sorry ...) dropbox. This site should be easyly customizable by the user. (By now, I use owncloud with a symlink to my shared folder. I also played around with pydio.) There should be also an easy usable installation solution for FreeNAS. Nonetheless: Thanks for the great application! Greetings merlinuwe