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Up to now with you mobile you could only generate a full access key only from a pc\nas and not from a mobile ?
Why? This limitations seems very stupid and ugly!

Up to now with my mobile I could generate a read only key or ADD a full access key (generated in anothe place) !!


Let be the mobilephone able to GENERATE a read\write secret code as windows\osx\nas can do !!

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I agree this limitation is very stupid.


Recently I got a new phone and I wanted to use my old phone as a server which will sit at home and will be on wi-fi 7/24. I thought I could use it to sync my files between my laptop and my home pc or anytime I need to access my files from any computer. It does not work since write keys can not be generated from an android phone. This makes no sense at all.

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I totally agree!


I would like the same functionality for my android phone as there is for Windows / NAS. I would like to sync my Android phone with my Synology NAS. I would like to sync it two ways. So if I delete a file on one side, it should also be deleted on the other side. No matter on which side you delete it. I read on forums that it was possible on earlier versions, but not anymore on the 1.4 version. Is that correct? Is it possible to get it working again? Or is there a specific reason why it is taken out of this version?

This was the main reason why I took this app. Otherwise the DS photo+ app was sufficient. I am curious about the reaction.
It would be great if that option will come back!
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