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  1. That's not possible I think... At least I cannot find it. That would be the solution otherwise!
  2. Thanks for the answers both! Helen, what do you mean with regular sync folder? Is that an other app? I only want to use it to sync my phone, so it should fit for that Tarcisio Alves. And your solution has one way of deletion. But thanks for the detailed answer. Maybe useful for other people.
  3. I totally agree! I would like the same functionality for my android phone as there is for Windows / NAS. I would like to sync my Android phone with my Synology NAS. I would like to sync it two ways. So if I delete a file on one side, it should also be deleted on the other side. No matter on which side you delete it. I read on forums that it was possible on earlier versions, but not anymore on the 1.4 version. Is that correct? Is it possible to get it working again? Or is there a specific reason why it is taken out of this version? This was the main reason why I took this app. Otherwise the
  4. Do you know why some people requested to change that? I can't imagine what the advantage would be to do that... I will check! Thanks!
  5. Hi both, I understand what the TS means. I have the same issue and thought there would be an option that it will work. Helen, do you think that option will come back? In the mean time; I understand your solution and I will try. Thanks for your answer! KR