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  1. Anybody? Still have this problem. I have the LG G3 (Lollipop 5.0) and Sync 2.0 Is there anyway to write data on the sdcard within any folder I want? Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I'm trying to sync a folder from pc to my phone (sd card) , but when I choose a folder it pops up that I don't have permission to write on the sdcard (I just can sync in the standard folder .../data/com.bittorrent.sync/files, however I can't see the images in my gallery when I sync with the standard folder) Do you guys know how to write in a different folder and how to see the pictures in the standard folder in my gallery? Thanks
  3. Hi Helen, first of all thanks for all your answers! mat1987, I found out a way that can be useful for us and for anybody who misses the option to add a read-only folder directly from the smartphone (differently from backup folder) Here is the "solution" (the disadvantage is that it will take twice the time to do that) : e.g: Let's say you have a folder named "Downloads" in your phone and want to sync it with your pc, but if you delete a file in this folder in your phone it will be also deleted in your pc, but if you delete a file from the pc nothing will happen in your phone. (this was the Read-Only mode that we could set in a folder directly from the phone in some older versions) First step - Create an empty folder in your pc (name it as you wish) and sync it in two-way mode (read&write) with your Downloads folder from your phone (the easiest way is by QR code generated by the pc, then you can scan it with the phone to sync the folder). After sync both folders will have the same content. Second step - Disconnect the folder from BitTorrentSync in your pc, (Don't disconnect it from the phone) Third step - Now in your phone you would be able to share this folder in read-only mode or read&write mode with your pc. I hope I was clear, if you have any question let me know. thanks guys!
  4. Hello Helen, thanks for the reply... but the thing is: In some last version I was able to choose any folder from my cellphone and choose Read-Only mode, the I paired with the computer and the most important thing was that when I deleted a file in my phone it was also deleted from the pc, however, If I deleted the file on my pc, nothing happened on my phone and the file was recovered on the pc !!! but This is not happing anymore, when I delete any file from my phone , nothing happens on my pc. I don't want two-way mode ... I was able to do that before, but I dont know why I can't do it anymore . Do you know what it is?
  5. Hello!! I would like to know what is the problem with my Bit Sync, It doesn't open anymore... I made a video for you guys to see exactly what is going on ... I really don't wanna reinstall the app and configure all the folders and options again...Is there any solution for this? why did this happen? Thank you!
  6. Guys! I still have this problem. How can I put "read mode" from my phone to my pc ... Every folder is in Backup Mode and I can't see another option, Can you show me the steps? Thank you very much! PS: I upgraded my OS to Android 5.0 Lollipop (just in case)
  7. Hello João! I'm not able to choose another mode on my phone. I really want just the read mode (not backup mode), I was able to do that before and I don't know why I'm not anymore. For exemple: I have a "download" folder in my phone. The only option I have to sync it with my computer is the option "new back up". Thus, when I delete some files that I downloaded on my phone they still remain on my computer. How can I choose the real ready-mode on my phone I don't want backup-mode. I attached some photos, so you guys can have a batter idea of the situation. thanks.
  8. Do you guys know what the problem is here? thanks!!
  9. Okey, thanks! I did what you said. if I this persists I will post here again. Thank you!
  10. Hello guys, I wonder why I am getting too many *.!sync files. My laptop (windows 8.1) is synced with my phone (android kitkat). I have folders from the laptop on read-only and read&write mode into my phone and I have folders from the phone on read-only mode into my laptop. (one question: is there anyway to put folders from the phone in read&write mode?) I realized that I got a bunch of .!sync files in my laptop. why? how can I fix that? Thanks!
  11. Hello guys! I have folders synced between my phone (android kitkat) and my laptop (windows 8.1 x64). The folder is originally from the phone, so the laptop has read-only permission. The problem is: I've put some folders to not sync into the bittorrentsync file of the phone called "ignorelist". for example: I synced my folder "whatsapp" from the phone with the laptop and put some folders inside the whatsapp folder to not sync with the peers. Those folders are syncing though. I attached the screenshots below. Do you guys know what the problem is here? thanks!!
  12. Hello guys! I have a windows 8.1 x64 machine and one LG G3 android kitkat with bittorrentsync. I have some folders from windows synced with my phone in Read-Write permission mode on both sides (they are ok!) And I have some folders from Android synced with the windows machine in Read-only mode (since that is the only mode for this set-up, right?) The problem is: When I delete files from my phone, the files still remain on the windows. For example, If I delete some photos from my Camera folder on my phone they will still be on windows. (the folders don't sync deleted files from my phone to windows). I haven't put any rule inside IgnoreList on both sides. Can you guys help me in finding the problem/solution. Thank you very much!