[Now Implemented] Btsync Build For Mindspeed Comcerto 2000 (Comcerto2K)?

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I recently bought a Synology Diskstation 414j and was expecting to run btsync on it as I had on my previous DIY NAS (Openmediavault). However, the current ARM build does not run on the comcerto2k chip.


Is it possible to provide a btsync build for the mindspeed comcerto2k?



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Yes please!

I'm looking forward to that too. This is why I bought my DS414j.. :-(

Temporary solution is my raspberry pi, which is running btsync to sync to my NAS.

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There is no and will not be any workaround for this issue. To run on this system it has to be compiled by the devs for that CPU - which has not been done yet.


So all we can do is see to it that every owner of any device with comcerto 2k CPUs that wants to use BTSync comments in this feature request to highlight the importance.

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