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We. Have tested the access to older versions of office documents, spread over >5 machines. Due to the sync method used there is no "checkout" process and it will happen that document versions have "burried" changes, there are 2 issues with this:

A) version numbers do not indicate the same file on all sync clients.

This can lead to confusions when cooperating (especially in the same room).

B) not all versions of a saved file are stored local

If there would be a configuration switch to just copy all saved versions in a monitored folder to the .syncarchive local changes would also be cept. This might also help to solve issue A).

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a rather old feature request but still valid and, I think, useful. This could be implemented as an additional method that redistributes changes on files to all clients from the currently existing sync archive. Think about using files in the local sync archive, extending their filename with the machine name stored in Resilios settings and redistributing it to all other sync clients. Thereby burried changes on files could at least be traced from every machine that is part of the sync.

It would be nicer, IMHO, to have the same archive content on all machines but I think this is not so easy to achieve as the archive would have to be re-written in a scenario where e.g. 2 sync partners get isolated from the rest of the flock for some time and then rejoin. Even worse if there would be split-brain-condition. But by adding the machine name to each archived file, resyncing these with all and having relatively close synced times on all clients the burried-change-condition could be resolved by the user.

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I've been an avid dropbox user for many many years and my ass has been saved through their file versioning... working within teams and multiple updates from many users often result in backtracking where people override files or sometimes SYNC issues from myself happens and would like to see the history/ restore of the files from any workstation (especially from my OWN workstations where I've made the error)

- yes, this may chew lots of data storage, however storage is becoming cheaper and cheaper.

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