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It would be great if the UI can show the sync status of each folder, i.e., sync'd with how many peers and to upload to or download from how many peers. Right now I have to click the option of each folder and then click peer list to see the status. I guess simply copying the status icons in the peer list view to the main UI right after each folder would be sufficient.


This can be useful in two senarios: 1) to know when I can turn off my computer without leaving some recently updated files unsync'd; 2) to know when I can work on the files that are sync'd.


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Yes I too think it should be brought back having status in the main UI window 100% of the time, on a per share basis.  Leaving it empty, leaves me with well an empty feeling.  :)


I'm still testing 2.2.x on various platforms, most of them FreeBSD OS. Hoping to migrate every from 1.3 to 2.2 before the spring comes. But this empty status field causes me to say "yeah but" and hesitate.

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2017 and still no way to "reliably" now if your folders have "really" synced. 

Example from today: Status says 100% - few seconds left

It's been uploading 223KB/s for the last 16 minutes (with the same status and a complete progress circle) but the history shows nothing changing. It's a total guessing game, I know you removed status icons due to issues, kind of feels like we have issues with the most fundamental file operations.

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