[Solved] Can I have "placeholder" files _downloaded_ to local computer but NOT opened?

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I use “Selective Sync” to leave placeholder files so that I don't eat up my laptop’s hard drive.

However, usually what I want to do when I download them is just get them onto my local computer, NOT open them.

However, BTS seems to assume that once they are downloaded they should be opened with the default app.

Is there a way to control that behavior?


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.bts placeholder files should remain as such, until you double-click them, at which point the file is downloaded and opened with the relevant default app. Files should not be automatically being opened/run by Sync upon download! ...is that what you're seeing?

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@tjluoma Note, that this menu only shows in folders that are selectively synced. If this is selectively synced folder - try to open System Preferences -> Extensions and disable - enable Sync's extension for finder. If that does not help - disable all other extensions for finder, restart Sync's extension and relaunch finder itself.

Let me know if it helps.

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