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I'm using Sync with about 10 people and it's transferring/managing about 150 GB between multiple machines. As of about two weeks ago, it's been generating Conflict copies left and right. Yesterday I cleaned out 127,000 Conflict copies (various and random throughout the folders and files) and today cleaned out another 38,000 generated.

Looking to get a more permanent fix for this as it's filling up my coworker's hard drives and creating a lot of confusion/chaos.

- Joshua

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We have been looking into Conflicts for long already, and do fix the cases that are under Sync's control, but I'm afraid that in some cases the Conflict problem cannot be fixed, cause it stems from two different files trying to get synced into one. Here Sync has nothing to do but to finish syncing and mark the Conflict. Here you can read more about discovered causes of the problem and tips on how to safely get rid of them. Just deleting or renaming Conflicted file is not safe! 

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