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After receiving the email about the Black Friday sale, I was considering buying a separate license so I could use one configuration for my home server and a different configuration for my laptops and portable devices.  Of course, before doing that I opened up the Sync app on my laptop (it usually stays in the background).


And, of course, all folders were disconnected again....


This is ridiculously frustrating.  And, to be blunt, it can't be that hard to fix.  How many places in the code contain routines for actively disconnecting existing folders from existing sync shares?  How many of them can be activated without direct user input?  Those are the places that need to be fixed.  It's kind of like saying, "We don't quite understand why the emergency self-destruct button keeps getting triggered...."  Well, the problem is that the self-destruct button shouldn't be there in the first place.  And if that button really is necessary for some reason, it should require a person to activate it.  It shouldn't be possible for it to trigger itself.


This problem has absolutely destroyed my trust in this software as I can no longer rely on it safely backing up my files -- it can randomly disconnect at seemingly any time without any notification, leaving me with a false sense of security that my data is safe....  This is really inexcusable for a product that only exists in order to reliably synchronize data.  More importantly, it makes me wonder what other problems exist in the code that no one is aware of.


And there's certainly no reason for me to purchase another copy (even it is 50% off)...

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This not the same problem. "Disconnected by owner" means that the folder owner revoked access to the folder for your peer. If it's not intentional, then this might indicate error access certificate verification, or crypto certificate not running. There was a case when this error happened because of time difference on devices. Anyway,  it requires individual approach, so  please, contact support. 

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