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There is a file called ShellExtIO.log in the BTS appdata folder that is growing out of control and I'm not able to delete it. Right now it's 5.8GB and continuing to grow at a steady pace. My SSD is almost out of room and it's causing my PC to become unstable.

Is there some way to turn that logging off and delete that file?

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I saw that thread, but in my case I don't want to uninstall BTS I just want to get rid of this MASSIVE file. It's almost 6GB and is the single largest file on my entire SSD. It's taking up nearly 5% of the total space on the drive and windows will not allow me to delete it.

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You can still do the steps by Roman to delete ShellExtIO.log:

Stop Sync, and open elevated Command Prompt (run as admin) and then

1) Unregister dlls from ProgramData, as Roman advises. Stop Windows explorer, via Task manager. 

2) in Command Prompt go to %appdata%\BitTorrent Sync and delete the logs. Start explorer.

3) don't forget to register the dlls back with command 'regsvr23 Name.dll" See screenshot 

Hope it helps.



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Hello, my shellextio also grew to 6 GB.

I had to do according to RomanZ's post in the other topic mentioned here.

After restarting explorer.exe process, I could not delete the file, I kept getting errors that the file is used by other programs ( firefox, chrome, etc... ).

After closing most of the programs, I could finally delete it.

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how comes you don't have ProgramData folder? I think each Windows machine has that (C:\ProgramData). 

Check registry, delete everything BitTorrent Sync related from 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BitTorrent Sync

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