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Hi! I'm new to using Sync - well, this is my third attempt to use it and it was going OK until today. I have it set to sync one folder of files (with about 10K files, 37 GB total). It ran the sync and was working OK for most of today. However, right now when I move a couple of files into the folder (from any of the devices), nothing happens (and I've waited several hours). I can see 2 of 2 peers online.

I've exited from Sync on OS X (the other two peers are Windows 10) and re-started it. I see it say "Indexing" but then it doesn't sync the files.

I've paused it and resumed it.

Under the status column it's blank.

Any idea of what I can do now?


Update: Turns out this was a case of a folder within a folder sync, and thus there was no issue. I'm having OTHER problems with this app though, so I may most about those later. :-)

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