How to modify IgnoreList on Android phone?

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I created a "synced foler" on my PC. A ".sync\IgnoreList" file was automatically created. I edited it and wrote the file. I restarted Sync.

Then I shared this folder on my phone. On my phone a ".sync\IgnoreList" file was automatically created.
1) this file is not the copy of the one on the PC, instead it's the default IgnoreList file
2) I can't edit the phone's IgnoreList because

    * when I open it with ES File manager / Text editor, when saving, I have "cannot write" (maybe it's a permission problem? this happens even if Sync is not running)

    * when I connect phone to PC with USB (MTP mode, as this is the new USB mode since Android 4), I cannot see ".sync\IgnoreList" : it's a hidden file. Thus it is not shown on Windows.

Question : how to edit ".sync\IgnoreList" on phone?

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@Keew Ignorelist is not synced, this is by design. It can be different on different peers (though not advised). I tried to edit file in our lab on different phone vendors without any issue. It looks to be your phone specific issue. What is the phone vendor and OS do you use?

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It seems that I didn't give the right rights to edit SD card content.

Now solved by editing IgnoreList with ES File manager / Text editor.

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