[Solved] Adding a new computer. one folder pair won't sync.

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I'm replacing the computer I have all my media files on and figured I would use Sync to transfer the data between the two.  I have a Movies folder and a TV Shows folder.  I added them both to Sync on the new computer without any issues.

Movies started syncing right away and chugged through until it was done.  However, TV Shows just sits at 0% and never does anything.  Both folders show 1 peer online and everything looks normal but the TV Shows folder just doesn't do anything.  Is there anything I can check to figure out what's going on?

It did sync the folder names over and that worked OK but it won't sync any actual files.

I tried pausing and resuming which didn't help.  I tried rebooting which didn't help.  I also tried removing the folder and adding it back in which didn't help.  It does show the total size it should be transferring but it just doesn't ever start.



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On 7/1/2017 at 8:37 PM, kelemvor said:

Is there anything I can check to figure out what's going on?

Yes, this. The problem might be also on the uploading side. If tips from the link don't help, please do contact support with debug logs from both peers.  

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