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Is it possible to sync two drives/folders on the same device?

I only have one computer but I have an internal drive as well as an external drive, and I'd like to set it up where the external drive is a mirror/clone of the internal drive. 

I generated the share folder and key. Then on the same device i tried to apply the key and set a new location on the external drive but its giving an error message saying the "selected folder is already added to Sync Home." 

Is this possible?

Image 004.png

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  • 3 years later...

Has this not been fixed yet?  It has been over 3 years, and I just ran into the same issue.

I have multiple local drives, and am trying to create a regular sync on one drive,
and a second read-only sync on a different drive, but I get the same error!

"Selected folder is already added to Sync Home."

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