CLOSED/ Suddenly linked devices are lost on 1PC? - now re-syncing or doing something...?

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My Setup

1x NAS
2x PCs
1x mobile.

1 of the PC (Macs) - suddenly lost all linked devices. You can see from the picture the NAS (TOP SCREEN) shows 2 additional devices linked, but the 2nd screen (PC) which is by itself?

The keys are still the same. I was forced to re-enter in the same keys again to link the devices now all devices seem to uploading and downloading 'something' - it shows the PC which was re-added to the linked device is indexing all over again (there are approx 700GB of data to be sync/ indexed)

I've also subsequently lost my mobile as well on this, and now need to sync my directories again?!!


1. How do I ensure that nothing has been deleted? Looking at the logs from the UI, it seem to suggest new files have been uploaded... (!!!!!!) 

2. Is this disappearing trick a bug? And if so or not, are there configuration files which could be backed up so it doesn't happen again?


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1. check archive folders. deleted files go there.

2. i don't know. need investigating. Please contact support and send debug  logs from PC and NAS or OS X to them. Give a bit of details about that "suddenly" - nothing happens without a reason. Thanks.

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Just an update to this, I don't know if I did actually end up loosing any files via BTSYNC.

As it was my work computer, I couldn’t' afford the time to troubleshoot, my only backup was via dropbox. It was a pain in the butt resyncing it all again.

Looked at the archive folders - just restored all of it, including old copies...

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