[Solved] Is it possible to prevent Resilio Sync from making WAN connections?

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I use Resilio Sync to sync files among computers within my local network. I've unchecked "Use relay server when required" and "Use tracker server" in preferences for every connected folders. But Resilio Sync still keep making outgoing connections to the tracker server( and 2606:2e00:8003:1:ec4:7aff:fe57:108e).

Is it possible to disable this? for security and privacy concern.

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13 hours ago, bratten said:

Maybe you can put the "config_refresh_interval" power user preference to 0? That should disable the download of the file with the trackers and relays.

I've tried that. It'll still make connections to the tracker server. I think this option is about downloading config file from config.resilio.com.

Maybe we can delete the downloaded config file to stop this. But I don't know where that file is.

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On 8/14/2018 at 9:11 PM, Helen said:

Start Sync with config with these param:
"service_folders.use_relay" : false,
"service_folders.use_tracker" : false

Also, in power user settings disable these:

It works. Thank you so much.

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