Folders and Files not syncing

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I had an internet outage for a week or so. Since it's come up Resilio seems to be syncing new changes, but hasn't caught up on the old ones, so my files/folders are out of sync. I've gone threough the following documnet which I have been referred to before, but nothign seems to help:

I've restarted it a few times on the NAS, deleted a heap of .!sync in one folder restarting it again, then restarted the NAS itself, all to no avail. There are no errors or warnings in the http interface. I am using the latest version

Is there a way of forcing it to rescan the entire share? My searching suggests not, so I am stuck what to do next.

Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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this seems like a nightmare- did you ever figure it out?

I had an issue where renaming one of my directories caused it to be synced again instead of just renamed on the NAS side, i then made other changes while that was all going on and ended up with a similar issue. luckily I realized what was happening and shut down sync straight away> manually combined all the databases which took hours to do.


Am wondering if there are some best practices or settings to help us avoid stuff like this. not sure what CLI syntax means can i get it in noobspeak? thanks :)

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