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I'd like to share my little experience. I'm using resilio since some weeks. Since I was seduced by the scheduler option of the Pro version, I decided to give it a try. But during my trial period, I have been facing a problem. So I contacted the support through the website. I received an email confirming that my request was received: 

Le 17 janv. 2021 à 11:13, Sync Help Center <support@resilio.com> a écrit :
##- Please type your reply above this line -##


Thanks for taking the time to contact the Sync Team. Our Help Center and Forums offer additional resources that may help you out.

Thank you for being part of the Sync Community.


The Sync Team

As you see it was the 17th of Jan. The 21th I stil did not get any news So I replied to this email.

Well.. I never got any answer. And now my trial period is over.


Now another funny detail I would like to add to this experience:

Last week already I decided to share this experience on this forum. So I subscribed to the forum but I never got any email confirming my subscription and giving me access to the forum. So I gave up.

Today, after days, what a surprise: I receive an email "Your registration is complete !" 😂

So I imagine someone somewhere unblocked a queue in a database or something like that.


To conclude, Resilio is totally unprofessional. 






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Nobody knows what is going on at Resilio. A lot of threads telling about that this forum is feeling death from Resilio side, e.g.


Now it seems, also the support is not working smoothly. Sometimes from Resilio side is heared that the capacities for all are bordered.

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? Maybe there's a misunderstanding.

I'm done with this bad company which does not answer to people who want to use their product, and take more than one week to simply accept your subscription on their forum. It means they r dying.

I answered to your question: I switched for syncthing.

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If you move around in the Syncthing forum, you often notice that Resilio users, even with licenses, want to turn away from Resilio because the support has decreased a lot and the update cycles are clearly too long. Nobody can conclusively understand what is going on at Resilio. Corona or no Corona, it can't be because of that. The Syncthing staff is active as always. I have read again and again from Resilio that staff capacities are limited and that priorities are set accordingly. Of course are such things okay and clear. It is not understandable, however, that nothing seems to stir. This is becoming more and more of a problem, as operating systems and framework conditions are constantly changing.

If users can help other users, that's still possible. If not, Resilio staff should help and find solutions. All activities are not only drivers of innovation that improve the software, but also links to the users and hold them in the community. You can clearly see this in the Syncthing Forum. There are more and more participants there, Syncthing is becoming more popular and the software has reached a level of maturity that has long been able to compete with that of Resilio. I even think that the features that both tools have in common are more detailed in terms of user-friendliness and documentation.

There are of course features that Resilio has ahead, the most important are e.g. selective sync, local sync, time and week planning, peer-related key exchange and possibly more. The latter in particular makes Resilio more flexible in a community. Because there the main difference of this P2P software becomes clear. Syncthing is a device-related tool and Resilio is peer-related. With Syncthing, the device must always be available first in order to set up a peer, with Resilio you only need the key for the peer and a directory can be set up more easily.

Well, there are ways to recreate some of these features with Syncthing, even if it's not that easy. E.g. local copies can be set up with several instances, selective sync via ignore lists. All of this is not that comfortable, but it is feasible.

It's a shame, Resilio should take better care of its users. In the past they have done. The software is basically still top, with potencial for optimations, and that's why I bought a license. But that doesn't prevent me from checking out other "daughters". In any case, my focus has also shifted, although this does not always have to do with Resilio directly.

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Hi Andy+,

do you know if resilio is still under developpement ? or if there is a major evolution under developpement (3.0)?

As you said, maybe staff capacity is low, but this could not explain why there are no more communications about  the product !?





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If you look to Resilio Connect you can see that the development is working


Currently Connect is in version 2.12. What I know, the Connect version 2.7.2 has the same or a similar engine as Home/Pro version 2.7.2. If you see that Connect is a commercial product is clear that the focus is on that.

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