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Probably a completely obvious fix, but I can't seem to sync two folders which already exist.  So I have a folder I periodically pull over to my synology NAS device, I know pathetic & crude backup method, so I've decided to start using Resilio.  I did have Good Sync, but it's choking on my server & wants me to buy a 'server license', no thanks.  So I have the folder which exists on my PC & I want to sync it with the already created folder (which has most of the contents already loaded) on my server.  I can't figure out how to do that and I've watched several tutorials, every one of them just seems to create the new folder & sync it up.  I don't want to 'recreate' it.  I want to use what is already there and in the location I want it to be in.  Advice, recommendation would be appreciated.  BE NICE!!  ☺️

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This is not a user friendly tutorial, no offense, it did not help with all this disconnecting and reconnecting, OMG!!  No one wants to become a certified Resilio expert, just to have a mirrored version on their server and for a 'backup' / 'sync' program this requires substantial manual input just to do a simple mirrored version / backup of a file, so all it all, I'm not very happy with this product and will likely have to buy a simple sync program for my server & PC.  ALL I want to do it set up a job and have it run without having to 'tend' to it constantly, this is no different from dragging stuff over every couple of days.   

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I'm sorry to say that you don't provide good descriptions that can be used to start.

So my suggestion: create a third folder on your client, connect it to your NAS and let Sync mirror the folder. Then you match with a tool (eg FreeFileSync) or manually the two folders on your client and then you can delete the current folder.

If this does not suit your taste, then you should leave detailed descriptions, otherwise it will be difficult for anyone who might want to help.

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