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  1. I want a note-taking BT-Sync

  2. Since this "integrated file edit" feature does not appear a priority for the team (I understand that on most platforms, except iOS, it is fairly easy with an external app), I am wondering whether the BTSync API is a solution to solve this. Isn't it the task of an independent developper to create a note-taking-file-editing app use the BTSync API? Second idea, again because this is fairly iOS-dependent, isn't the use of the new iOS 8 API a solution to make sure that BTSync on iOS becomes able to "share" documents out of the sandboxed BTSync, in an Apple-approved way? Obviously, I am a bit out of my league and I would need to be confirmed or corrected by somebody much more knowledgeable. I'm welcoming any help here, since I am more than interested in this feature.
  3. I love the iOS version of BTsync up to now, except one little thing: I can't find any way to share data between BTsync and any kind of editor (picture or text). Is it something inherent to iOS (could be) or is there a way to install/add-directory that would allow BTsync'ing the data from another app? Like I can modify a text file on my Linux or Windows PC and BTsync it with another or with my iPhones? Thanks in advance for any help you could bring? Ploum's
  4. iOS support : Please, add a simple text editor to be able to modify files from the iOS side. Currently, any modification has to be "exported" out of the BTsync iOS sandbox and changes cannot be made to the files I share with the other computers. This feature would immediately make it more similar to Evernote note taking/sharing. Thx in advance.
  5. Same question here. I'll support that in the request thread.
  6. I started using it, but I was a bit afraid at first. I did not immediately understand that I did not need to enter the folder name before reading the QR. Suggestion 1: Exchange the position (set the "read QR" button at the top of the page). Suggestion 2: If there is no obvious argument against, just do not allow typing the folder name. Then, there is something really weird. Each time I press the "read QR" button, if the QR code is not visible in the photo app, the window stays open. Then, when it sees (even a part of) the QR on the LCD screen, the photo window closes immediately, but... nothing seems to happen. In 40-50 trials, the app seemed to recognize the QR, but did not display the folder name (and no error message either). Since I was persistent enough (At least 30-40 trials on both iPhones I own), I noticed once that the folder name was recognized (it was now working fine). It took a lot of patience, I tried on two different LCD displays since I noticed the issue of "moiré" in the photo sometimes. I also tried to do the thing in airplane mode. It's just utter perseverance which got it working. Now, it seems OK and the synchronization went well and fast. I'll check how it goes now with deeper activity. Feature: I guess this is a design decision, but I found it surprising that I had to set synchronization to auto (what I expected to be the default setup). Please, consider changing the default... Thanks for this tool.
  7. Please, consider me for iOS testing. I am currently using an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 3GS (both up-to-date iOS) on different GSM operators and with WiFi. Ready to test note taking, note editing and note sharing (target: moving from DropBox replacement to Evernote replacement). Already setup 3 different Win7 PC. TIA
  8. Personally, I appreciate the way EverNote operates on iOS: Sync only on demand (requires a connection, either 3G or WiFi), but you can flag a document for local storage (good to ensure that you can still access some key documents when you're off the grid). I intend to use the BTSync in very much the same way as EverNote does (more than DropBox), so it should be clear how synced documents/notes can be handled on the phone. Did I say I'm all in favor of an iPhone/iOS version?