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  1. I couldn't find a good solution for defining shares for a portable drive and decided to write a script to help me out. The following AutoIt code allows me to define shares in "sync.conf.portable" with a share directory replacement of "%SD%" to the script directory. I placed this code with my BTSync.exe file, execute the script to launch BTSync, and can now have my share change drive letters from one PC to another. ... "dir":"%SD%\\Share",...%SD% will be replaced by the script directory and does not support '..' for going up a directory. Yet. #include <OO_JSON.au3>$file = @ScriptDir & "\sync.conf"if FileExists($file & ".portable") Then $json = FileRead($file & ".portable") _OO_JSON_Init ( ) $object = _JS_obj_create($json) $base = $object.objToString() if @error Then ConsoleWrite("Error: " & @error & @crlf) Endif $dir = $object.shared_folders.item(0).dir if StringInStr($dir,"%SD%", True) Then $object.shared_folders.item(0).dir = StringReplace($object.shared_folders.item(0).dir, "%SD%",@ScriptDir) EndIf FileDelete($file) FileWrite($file, $object.objToString()) _OO_JSON_Quit ( )EndIfRun(@scriptDir & "\BTSync.exe /config sync.conf",@ScriptDir)Forum Link: OO_JSON
  2. I would like to see a "Share" option added on the mobile app for the phone-to-phone file transfer. The use case for this would be to email, sms, etc. the BTSync link. Sending a file without being in the immediate vicinity seems useful.