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  1. This is not possible with BTsync on iOS. The only thing you can do with BTsync is a backup of your Photos. This backup however cannot be synced back, as BTsync cannot do this at the moment. The contacts will be synced with your iCloud account, not sure about texts and movies
  2. The same problem was reported by some other users in this forum, citing that using the french accents in filenames caused trouble as well. For the time being, it seems best to stick with the US alphabet without any localised characters.
  3. Hmm, the file does not give any indication on what is going on. You can have a more verbose output in sync.log if you check "Enable Debug Logging" in the menu options. Maybe something then crops up, which goes unnoticed otherwise. And then, does it always crash with the Documents folder being last? Maybe a new file in there creates problems?
  4. Hi, One other place to look for information is the sync.log file in the library folder: /Users/<yournamehere>/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent SyncMaybe have a look at suspicious entries and/or attach to a post here as well.
  5. It is not surprising, if ? is interpreted as wildcard in the way of "any one character". So Icon? in .SyncIgnore would match Icons, Icon?,, IconC, etc, but not IconCache, IconStore, etc. The current "inconvenience" is, that the .SyncIgnore file is not accessible through the UI and therefore people might be unaware of it, as the file is not shown in many operating systems, unless using the commandline.
  6. BTsync uses the torrent protocol, maybe there are some limitations regarding P2P traffic on the french side? Maybe try to set up a VPN/SSH portfw on the French server and see if it improves the speed.